True love

niall and emily have been in relationship since they were 12 but when bandmate harry styles comes along things start to change.Emily has a secret crush on harry and so does harry but what does she do stay with niall or her true love...
find out here!!!!


3. surprise

Niall's pov

I was so delighted when she said yes i felt like i just won a year supply of free food, only better i always loved emily, the twinkle in her beautiful hazel eyes hypnotised me in a way they took me to this little world were only me and emily could enter, i loved her so much,without her i wouldnt even be here shes the reason im alive and nothing will ever change that what ever happens...

we finnally got to my house wich i shared with the boys we knocked on the door as if we were police men, our plan is to act like we have fallen out and then reveal it,i just hope it works!!

"OK OK WE GET THE POINT" harry shouted as he ran to open the door

me and emily started to shout at eachother to make him think that we are fighting

"whats happened this time" harry said not surprised

i dont blame him,me and emily are always fighting over nonesence

"harry dont worry its just that niall has asked me to be hes girlfriend and i accepted" emily exclaimed trying to stay in action

"noooo your kidding so your boyfriend and girlfriend now"  harry said with a big smile

"zayn,liam,louis guess what emily and niall are in a relationship now"harry screamed

the boys came running down the stairs all asking questions at the same time.

look let us come in first im really tired and so is emily then we will answer every question ok?

everyone agreed and walked in.

"emily can u please erm come anddd showw me oh can you come show me were you hid the special biscutes" harry said searching for words to say

"ill be with you in a sec love"emily said

i felt as if somethings gonna happen no offcorse there probably just going to make dinner.

emily's pov

i walked to the kitchen when harry kissed me i pulled away as quickly as i could

"HARRY what are you doing" i said in shock

"i cant help it emily i love you i looked happy for you when you told us the news but inside i felt like i was going to faint" harry whispered

i didnt know what to say i loved harry to but what about niall i cant just dump him

"come on you guys we wanna hear what happened"

me and harry walked to the front room acting like nothing happened.

nialls pov

somethings going on,i felt it and emily looked different as well ive got to figure it out but how?






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