This is my story for the compotition valentines day with 1D hope you enjoy!! please leave comments



Zayn told me to wait outside and come in when he tells me to 5 mins later I went in the whole house was decorated with hearts love ect i sat on the couch Zayn sat one side Louis sat the other then the others crowded round i stood up all of the boys stood up and kissed me at the same time all the boys were shouting and fighting with eachother Zayn fought with Louis Liam was fighting  with Harry and Niall was sitting thre still kissing me Ipushed him away I had to stop them from fighting so I started to cry tht got there attention Lucy ran in and was crying her boyfiend just dumped her Niall went up  to her and asked her out they walked out together I shouted at the others Harry walked out Liam went into his room with an ice pack on his head but everything i did I coudnt stop Zayn and Louis in the end i kissed Zayn and put an ice pack on his eye and told Louis to stop being over protective and beacause of that I was no longer going out with him I asked  Zayn to go out with  me and he said yes so now Louis is goin out with no one Niall is going out with Lucy

the other 2 god knows thank you for listening to my story bye xxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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