This is my story for the compotition valentines day with 1D hope you enjoy!! please leave comments



Ok music if I hear the words 1direction I am gunna go mental."Ok class I may be old but I have heard and been told many times bout a band called 1direction"miss Brown said.I got up and walked out of the classroom a boy called louis chased me out down the hall ways and saw me crying on the floor near the lockers he sat next to me and hugged me "Why did u walk out " he asked edging his arm over my shoulder I said that I have had a bad history with 1d and Harry made me so upset but i do

like louis I basically LOVE him! He had a weird  look on his face and he turned his head I thought he hated me for that so i got up and shouted " NOW YOUR TURNING

YOUR HEAD AROUND DONT BOTHER GO AWAY AND LEAVE  ME ALONE !" I got up and went back to class but half way there i stopped and looked back I thought could it be is it him ? I shook my head and continued walking i sat down next to

Lucy she asked me whats up I  just looked down at my book waiting for louis to walk

back through the door but he didnt for the whole lesson (BING) the bell went for

break .

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