This is my story for the compotition valentines day with 1D hope you enjoy!! please leave comments



I woke up louis was no longer next to me and the blanket he wrapped his self in was over me.The door was a little open so i creeped up to the door and heard the boys talking .........Brooklyn is so hot dude why did he get her and not me Harry questioned with a weird look on his face , shut up dude if anyone was to get her it should of

been me Niall , Yeah Nial the midget Liam joked I should of got the girl NONE OF YOU,yeah but you stuff your face all the time Liam  I wish she would notice 

that she is a $exy lady and that I love her  she needs someone who understands her Zayn explained with a real cute smile on his face.

Oh no he is coming  I jumped on the bed and got under the cover as quick as possibleZayn come in and shut the door he thought i was still asleep and

woke me up when i went to sit up his lips caught mine and he pushed me backdown still with his lips interlocked he held me and I went along with it what was i doing I

enjoyed it and I was going out with one of his mates and bandmembers what was I

to do.He said he wanted to be mine and that he wanted to be married and everythin.

I told him to shut up and kiss me more and more,I think I was in a trance because I

said that and i had a boyfriend he continued it was about an hour later and he had got under the covers and got undressed all i was wearing was a bra and some short shorts and all he was wearing was shorts he must of pulled my chlothes off.

What did I do!? I couldnt remember anything. I got out of the bed put my bathrobe on and chucked Zayn out of my room he gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to

the bathroom to have a shower,I got in the shower after I heard someone come in the room it was Harry ! I was wearing nothing in the shower and he is standing

there watching me I shouted at him to get out he gave me my bathrobe so I could

put it on I walked out of the shower and he grabbed me by the waste twisted me around lowered me down to the floor and kissed me his hair flowing this was turning out to be one weird morning

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