This is my story for the compotition valentines day with 1D hope you enjoy!! please leave comments



I sat down at a table waiting for this someone to come music started to play it was

1direction and louis from school wass there with them singing i thought it was him!

they sang this song

gotta be you

(louis)Can we fall one more time?

stop the tape and rewind

oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade

'cause theres nobody else

(louis and liam singing with others echo)

It's gotta be you

only you

It's got to be you



 I love you brooklyn will you be my valentine ?

He asked so politely and got on his knees

I sat there bedazzled  of this sight Niall come up to me and said say yes we are

all your mates and he wants to be more

Everone sat there and stared i didn't know what to say so I hugged him and  whispered of course.

He jumped up and interwined his lips in mine I went along with it he hugged me and twisted me around this was the happiest day of my life !

He invited me to his house to introduce me to his family his mum said I could

stay there for the night since I was home alone or he could come to mine we

both discided to go to mine so we could cook together and invite harry,Zayn,Niall

and Liam to stay aswell.Me and Louis tried to cook chilli con carne it went well but we didnt have the beans so he rushed out with the others it was an hour later when

they finally got back with one tin of beans some drinks and some desserts and they rented the movie called once in a lifetime one of Liams favourite romance movies so I dished up the chilli in little bowls and left the big bowl on the table so if they wanted more they could.

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