This is my story for the compotition valentines day with 1D hope you enjoy!! please leave comments


1. Rush

Why was school invented why does it have to start so early in the morning !? I HATE IT WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE! Well my alarm has gone off now so I have to get dressed get my high heel shoes and then I have to walk to school with the most expensive bag on earth.Right big wardrobe loads of chlothes and I dont know what to wear ! hmm  o I got a text LUCY OMG I AINT SPOKE TO HER IN AGES  she was in America for a week with her family.The text said hey Brooklyn um I got you the

coolest prezzie eva I give you it at school! That was it now I knew she was going to school I rushed I grabbed a tank top some shorts my high~heel shoes and put my hair in a messy bun grabbed my hightops and put them in my bag and grabbed the house  keys o darn I forgot to feed the dog !!!!! so i rushed back I looked a right idiot so I went and changed the time now was 7:45 GOD I HAVE TO HURRY .

I rushed out the door I got to school FINALLY  at 7:55 10 mins just to get to school

well atleast Im not late!

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