Conspiracy. (One Direction Story)

Sarah lived in a place where being yourself is accepted. She has a secret of her own; She's a Vampire. Her friends are, too. Her life is not average and she hates that. Will Sarah accept what she?


2. Like The Brightest Star You Shine Bright.

I always thought about how my friends were turned into vampires. Were they forced to change or was it their decisions? Those were weird questions, but I wanted to know. I walked into the cafeteria and saw Harry was getting up and walking to me. I saw Harry as a brother, someone who would care for me when nobody else did and would be their for me when nobody else was there for me. I was always there for my friends and Harry was the reason I tried to stay strong.

"Hey Sarah." Harry said to me as he finally reached where I was standing.

I looked at him and smiled. He knows I have a crush on Niall, and he always made little jokes about it. Not hurtful, mean jokes, but the jokes where you can laugh as well and not just the person saying the joke.

"Hey Harry," I said. "Anything interesting happened?" I asked, having a feeling that something happened. I always sensed when something happened. It is just an instinct. Harry sighed a little.

"There was a human who was found dead and people are now pointing at Jenna and Liam." I was shocked. Jenna and Liam would never hurt anyone or anything. But, then again, they were new vampires. They turned into vampires two months ago, and that still was considered being a new vampire.

"Are they going to do anything?" I asked, a little worried.

"Well, they might make them do community service instead of jail time," Harry responded. "You know how this place is Sarah; They don't care what happened to humans, they just don't want themselves to look bad."

It was true; Humans died a lot and nobody seemed to care. Just as long as they were fine and they didn't look like the bad person. My friends were different. I sighed, knowing that Jenna and Liam are in trouble and there's nothing I could do.

Harry and I walked back to the table my friends were sitting at. I had a very complicated life. Being a vampire is not the easiest thing ever. It takes a lot of work to not and try to bite someone or to have the sudden feeling of wanting to kill. I would do anything to be human again. But I didn't have that power, and there was no medicine to make me turn back into human. My hometown first told everyone about vampires in 1889 and everyone was shocked. Everyone thought that vampires were fake. Vampires have been around since. Many other places were frightened at first when they heard vampires exist. Vampires were seen as horrible monsters who liked killing people. Of course, that wasn't true. Some vampires were like that, but not all of them. There is hybrids around my hometown. There's human/vampires, vampires/werewolves, and human/werewolves. I wished everything was ordinary and not the way it was.

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