An Extremely Close Encounter

This is the story of a completely pessimistic and socially awkward black girl who happens to run into Liam Payne (you know, the one from that really popular British boy-band, One Direction) on her college campus, just in time for Valentine's Day!


1. Oh my gosh, it's THE Liam Payne

"Seriously?" I ask myself for the hundredth time today after dropping some everyday object out of my clumsy fingers. "What's up gravity? Can't you cut a sistah a break every now and then?" I shook my head silently at myself as I took a rather lonesome seat in the University's disgustingly red, pink and white cafeteria. Yes, it was that time once again...Valentine's Day. Ugh. As if life wasn't depressing enough! Honestly, being constantly reminded on a daily basis about just how lonely I am is just awesome. Really. And then for the reminder to overdo itself on a horrifically touchy-feelly day such as this...ugh, someone please save me! 


Just then, a photoshopped couple waltzed pass my table, cuddly and all around lovey-dovey. "Did you like the stuffed bear and chocolate I had sent to your class?" the perfect boyfriend asked his perfect girlfriend, "Hahaha! Oh my gosh, yes! It was sooo cute! You're just the sweetest. Aww, I love you." "Haha! I love you too babe." Uuuuggghhhh, I slammed my forehead on the table in agony. "Please!" I yelled at them, "for the love of all things good and holy! GET A FRICKIN ROOM!" Needless to say, they gave me quite the reproachful look and continued with their giggling, kissing and, I shudder at the remembrance, cuddling.


Now perhaps I'm just a simple pessimist but, seriously?! Must you do all of this love-dovey crap in front of people without a significant other? Honestly, it's like you're just begging for lonely people everywhere to feel even more lone--! Ooooh, well now that makes sense. You actually do want to make lonely people everywhere feel awful about themselves. Ah, I see. Well, that's not very nice. But hey, it's not like I'm going to stop you or anything. I could honestly care less when I think about it. Sigh, what I do care about, unfortunately, is that I, yet again, have no one to share my Valentine's Day, and thus my vast and undying love, with. I mean, how sad is that?


As I was too busy feeling sorry for myself whilst walking, head down, out of the cafeteria (a terrible combination really), I clearly did not see the rather handsome young man walking in front of me and so proceeded to run directly into his perfectly formed chest. Scraps of food flying everywhere, people laughing or commenting something dreadful, and me, sitting flat on my butt, rubbing my nose and checking my glasses for the awful smudges that I would most likely find. 


I cleared my throat and began to stand, "I am so very sorry about that, I--" when I looked up, I could not believe who I was starring at. "...I...I...I...," was all I could stutter as THE Liam Payne, cleverly (more or less) disguised in sunglasses and a baseball cap, chuckled embarrassedly. "N-no no, it's alright really." He mumbled some kind of excuse to leave and walked quickly away so as not to draw too much attention to himself. I stood dead in my edible debris and gaped at his disappearing back. "T-that was Liam Payne," I whispered to no one and myself. "That was Liam Payne," I whispered a little louder to passers-by and...well myself of course. I smiled broadly and jumped up and down a little as people walked past, clearly judging me. 


Oh, I really hope I--! Oh who am I kidding, that was a freak accident, there ain't no way that's happening at least twice in one day to a girl like me. 


After helping the custodial staff clean up my mess, I (finally) walked lazily out of the cafeteria and into the student center. Various artists sang catchy tunes in my ears to deafen the obnoxious noise of red, pink and white heart-shaped couples confessing their undying love to one another. Yeah, that'll last a week. I rolled my eyes at them in pure disgust. 


"Well, back to the grinder," I sighed. By grinder I obviously meant the campus library next to the student center. There, on the third floor, was the gathering of at least one-hundred or more girls of all ages that a college campus could hold; buzzing and squealing their little hearts out. "What the...?" I questioned myself as I moved in a little closer, still favoring the outer rim of the circle. "Hey," I asked a near-by girl, "know what's going on here?" "OH MY GOSH! Haven't you heard?! One Direction is doing a private signing here!"


Ha! And again I say, Ha! There ain't no way on this here earth One Direction would come all the way to lil' ole, country behind South Carolina. I rolled my eyes in humor at her, "Heh, yeah, ok," I responded, "why would they come here of all places?" "What's the matter with you?!" asked a really crazed fan, "it's frickin ONE DIRECTION! Don't ask questions!" I looked at the crazed fan with raised eyebrows, clearly judging her. "...Ok...sorry for offending you...I guess," I mumbled. I was in the process of turning away from all the craziness when, low-and-behold, Liam Payne was again in front of me. "Hey," he said, voice low so only I could hear in the crowd of jealous glares. "I know we only briefly met just a few moments ago...but for some reason, I really can't get you out of my mind." He chuckled at his confession. I just stood there like a deer in headlights. "So, I guess...what I'm trying to say..." he was mumbling, rubbing the back of his head nervously, "H-Happy Valentine's Day." He handed me a rose he had tucked carefully in his back pocket, and I took it, utterly confused. 


"Um," I looked at him a little sadly, "I-I'm sorry, I don't get it. me?" He looked at me as if I said something strange. "It's just..." I looked down at my trembling hands, "I-I'm not...I'm not your type. You know I'm...I have dark skin...really curly hair...I--" it pained me to say what was on my mind, what had been on my mind for a year now. I took a breath, "I'm--" "I'm sorry but, not my type?" he asked suddenly. I looked up at him, tears stinging my eyes, "What I meant--" "No," he said shaking his head, "I really like you. Every fiber of my being is telling me this is so. Please, please accept it...accept me." I let a few tears escape as I stared at the floor. Why though? Why so suddenly?


Did I stick him with some crazy sci-fi love potion when we bumped into each other earlier? If so, why hadn't I known about that before?! I could've used it ages ago! I laughed quietly at myself, at how ridiculous all of this was. "You know," I said looking up at him, "I'm not all about...this," I said motioning to everything and everyone surrounding us. "I'm...well I'm kind of a nerd. And, well no. I'm a nerd, like, a huge nerd. I really like school and watching Adventure Time and--" I was cut off by a kiss, his kiss, "I told you already silly! I really, really like you! So stop telling me I don't and instead tell me, 'Happy Valentine's Day!'"


I laughed, heartily, at all the confusion, all the emotion, all of my so-called "faults". I looked up at him then, determined and feeling the full force of love blossoming. "Happy Valentine's Day Liam." I threw my arms around his neck, "Now kiss me ya big lug!" And he did. And I owe every perfect little couple, one huge apology!........Eh, they'll get over it. 

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