Over Again

"I don't even remember you.." I informed Harry. "But you trust me." He stated. "Yes."


2. Chapter two

"Please take out your homework from last night." the female teacher directed. I turned around and looked at Harry who sat behind me. He sneakily passed a note to me while "showing me what the homework looked like." I took the note and unfolded it.

"TGIF! Btw, the teacher's name is mrs phillips." The note read in Harry's oddly neat hand writing. I smiled and replied with, "thanks love xx."

When Mrs. Phillips turned to the board, I reached backwards and set the note on Harry's desk. I sat back up in my desk and fiddled with my pencil, lost in thought.

"Miss Wilson." Mrs. Phillips barked. I jumped in my seat. The class started giggling, obviously finding my mini heart attack humorous. "Put the pencil down and pay attention." Mrs. Phillips snapped. I nodded. I could hear Harry dying of laughter behind me. I turned around and yanked a curly-que. Harry yipped and looked up.

"I may need to see the nurse." Harry whispered. I started laughing obnoxiously loud until I realized the entire class was looking at us. "Please go stand outside Lyla." Mrs. Phillips kindly directed. I obeyed and walked out of the classroom. I took a seat in the court yard. It was hot outside. The wind was blowing a bit but not much. There were a few people outside sitting in the courtyard as well. I fiddled with my fingers until my name was called. "Ly." A boy with short brown spiked hair called to me. He was wearing grey jeans with a matching white shirt and shoes. He also had a watch on his left wrist.

As the boy approached me, I remembered his face from the picture on Harry's phone. It was the boy in the picture with Aaralyn, Harry, and I. Ian.

"Ian." I replied. "Why are you out here, Ly?" Ian asked me. "Mrs. Phillips sent me out." He nodded.

I heard the classroom door open and was relieved to find Harry strolling towards us, his long legs taking wide, graceful steps along the pavement.

"Hey mate." Harry confronted Ian. "Hey lad. Sorry to cut short, but I have to get back to class. See you both later?" Ian asked. Harry and I both nodded.

"How did you manage to get out of class?" I asked Harry before his lips were pressed to mine as he took a seat next to me. I jumped as a hand rested on my thigh. I looked down to find Harry's hand sitting on my leg. I gasped when his hand started sliding up, caressing my covered lower body. I pulled back. "No." I told him. Harry pouted his pink lips. I shook my head. "If this means you want to have sex in the bathroom, then you're crazy and the answer is no." I firmly told him. I pulled his hand away from my lower and held it instead. Harry rubbed my knuckles.

"You're different. Not as willing as before." Harry told me. "Am I not a virgin!?" I shouted a little louder than intended. The other bodies outside turned towards Harry and I. Harry laughed. "Sorry babe," Harry shook his head, "you're no longer innocent." He found this amusing. My jaw dropped. "Do people know?" I asked him. Harry looked at me guilty. "People think I'm a slut or a whore. Don't they?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders.

Harry stood up, hauling me up with him. He placed both my hands on his shoulders and placed his hands on my waist. He started moving in a way I haven't experienced before. I've witnessed this dance on the television but not in real life. I tried my best to keep up the same pace Harry had. When we finished dancing, he pulled me into his torso and connected our lips.

"Harry." A female voice called. Our lips disconnected. I frowned in disappointment. "Anna." Harry said slowly and awkwardly. Anna ran into Harry's torso, their arms wrapping around each other. Anger built inside me. At least I think it was anger. I also had the urge to punch her.

"Where have you been gorgeous?" Anna asked. Her head snapped in my direction. Her facial expression looked like she was disgusted. "That's Lyla." Harry informed the blonde bimbo. She put her lips to Harry's ear and whispered something I couldn't quite make out. When she pulled away, Anna had a devilish smirk on her face. She looked over to me and glared. She turned around, her blonde curls flowing behind her. The blonde bimbo, or Anna soon disappeared around a corner.

Harry turned to me. "So Anna is it?" I asked. Harry didn't answer nor did he move. "What are you two?" I asked him. "Were." Harry corrected. I sat back. That repulsive bimbo and Harry were once a couple. I wanted to vomit at the thought of it.

"We should a.." Harry trailed off. I nodded. He outstretched his long, muscular arm. His large hand uncurled from a fist, and opened so my hand would fit inside his. I slowly outstretched my arm. I sat my hand in his and he closed his hand around mine. My hand was trapped in his. He peeled me off the bench and we started walking back to Mrs. Phillips' class. We opened the door and walked in. We got to our seat and sat down.

"Can you control yourself now, miss Wilson?" Mrs. Phillips asked annoyed. I nodded.

Harry tapped on my right shoulder blade. I half turned and took the note from his large hand. I unfolded the paper.

"Don't worry about Anna. She is nothing compared to you. Please, just don't worry, love." The note read. "I'm not worried." I wrote. I folded the paper back and slid it onto his desk.

When the bell rang, I gathered my stuff and waited for Harry.

"You were worried." He told me while leading me out of the classroom and across the courtyard. "I was not." I insisted. "Lyla." Harry said. I sighed. "You've got nothing to worry about." Harry tried comforting me. It worked. "How many more classes until school is out?" I changed the subject. "Why? Do you want to take me home?" Harry joked. When I didn't reply, Harry looked at me. "Lyla." He said. I didn't reply to that either, I just looked a different direction. "Lyla." Harry said again. I wasn't going to deny it, I did in fact want to take him home. When I tried walking off, embarrassed of the subject, I was spun around to have our torsos pressed together. "Harry." I gasped. "You can't take me home." Harry paused. "But I can take you home." "W-what?" I stuttered. "You live with your parents, I don't." He stated. I smiled at the thought of being alone in an apartment with Harry.

We stood there in the courtyard, bodies pressed together. I could feel Harry's hot breath on my neck as he kissed below my ear. While his hands cupped my neck, my hands caressed his upper body. Harry let out a quiet moan. We had moved by a tree so we weren't that much in the open.

My hands found the rim of Harry's shirt and they slid beneath it. My hands continued caressing his muscled torso, while Harry continued kissing under my ear and my neck.

"We need to leave." I desperately whispered. Harry nodded in agreement. "My aunt works the front desk so we should be able to leave early." Harry whispered. "Let's go." I begged. "Yes." He choked. We grabbed our stuff that we dropped by a bench and hurried to the front desk.

"May we go?" Harry asked his aunt. The middle aged woman's eyes flickered between Harry and I. She laughed.

"Make sure you're protected, Harry." She laughed. "Sarah." Harry said embarrassed. I laughed at his embarrassment. "Thanks." Harry and I both told his aunt.

We hurried to Harry's black Range Rover and literally jumped into the truck.

"You're eager." Harry informed me. I jumped when Harry reached over and grabbed my hand. "I'm very eager." I told him. Harry laughed as we pulled out of the school.
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