Free Bird {Completed}

All he needed was explanations . . . .


3. Free Bird {3}


{Author’s Note:

Just a reminder everybody, that this story is a short-story! So therefore, this is the last chapter of this story. So bare with me, this is chapter is going to be extremely long!}



The interview went by like a breeze. Despite the efforts of joining into the interview, Niall shut himself out of the group, hiding in the farthest corner of the couch in morose. He spoke a bit, as much as he didn’t want to, just simple yes or no questions, nothing major. He could only think of Harry.

Niall needed to know what was going on with him 24/7. If he was breathing or laying motionless on the cold hard ground. He craved to know what was happening. He needed to know that he was okay.

Now, while driving, the four exhausted boys chattered amongst each other, laughing and muttering nonsense to one another. Amber was in it as well. Niall on the other hand, had only spoken little over a few sentences today, not giving the effort to join in, to have a little laugh to make him forget about Harry for as second. But that wasn’t the thing.

Niall sat on his seat, his seat belt clinging on to him tightly, fingers taping away on his cellular device. For the past minutes, he’s been constantly texting Harry, to see if he was awake. But no response was given after sending nearly thirteen texts. Niall bit his lip in utter worry, now dialing Harry’s number.

{Play Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World here, please!}

“Hello?” Harry’s hoarse voice picked up.

“Harry,” breathed Niall as the van became quiet as they heard the simple word “Harry”.

“Hi Niall.....” Harry trailed off. “H-how was the interview?”

“It was fine Harry. How are you?” Niall asked quickly, the attention of the three lads including Amber now on his.

“I’m tired.” Harry simply replied, his voice weak and soft. “I’m tired of everything Ni, I really am.”

“I know you are Harry, but you have to fight, for me, at least.”

“I’ve tried so much Niall. But I’m sick and tired of being depressed. Sick and tired of cutting and crying all night, pillows soaked with my dried out tears. I’m sick and tired of having to feel that the one you love, doesn’t love you back. Instead, having to be resented and feeling so fucking worthless. I’m tired of everything Niall. It’s only been nearly 3 weeks, but I’m so tired of it. I don’t want to feel this way anymore Niall. I want to be myself again. I want to feel happy, loved, joyful, but then again, I can’t do that anymore. Seeing what I am right now, I can’t do that anymore.” Harry confessed, now, Niall had put Harry on speaker, to let all of them hear what Harry needed to say.

“What are you trying to say Harry!” screamed Niall, the boys and Amber jumping back in fright and shock.

“I’m trying to say....” Harry sighed, his breathing slightly turning into pants.


And thus, the line went dead. The whole van silenced in shock. They all didn’t know how to react after what they’ve heard. Until, Niall finally realised, what Harry had meant. “Stop the fucking car right now.” Niall demanded, and right then and there, he pushed open the car door and sprinted towards their flat, ignoring the shouts of pleads from the lads. Niall didn’t care anymore. His legs went as fast as his abilities could. The windswept his hair back from its natural place, now flying every direction it could go. Niall panted breathlessly, his whole body stinging in pain as he accelerated faster each second.

He arrived minutes later to their flat, running up the stairs into Harry’s room. He scanned the room, hoping to see the curly boy, yet, there was not a single sign of him. Niall stepped back from his room, seeing in the corner of his eye, the bright light raying down in the bathroom, the door slightly ajar. He sprinted to the bathroom, slamming the door open. There, he saw Harry, holding a glass of water and a box of pills. Harry’s shirt clinged against his skin, the shirt now mixed with blood.


They stared at each other for a moment, without speaking. Both had nothing to say at this point anymore. Harry gulped, his palms sweating in nervousness. “I.......” he tried to speak, but his voice restrained him to say anything. Niall raised his hands up in silence, “Don’t say anything Harry.”­ Harry obeyed obediently, closing his mouth and biting his lip.


“Why did you do this?” Niall spat, his whole voice mixed with disappointment and anger. “I know you’re depressed Harry. I can totally see that. But why resort to killing yourself? We love you Harry. Maybe you don’t see it, but we adore you Harry, you make us smile, laugh at your cheesy jokes, and always make us feel warm. You may not think of yourself important, maybe you never will, but we do. We love you Harry. Liam loves you. Zayn loves you. Louis loves you. Amber loves you. I really love you.”  


Harry hesitated, “It’s not that I don’t think you guys don’t love me. I do believe you guys love me. But, I’m so messed up right now, Niall. I wasn’t always like this, I know. But way before One Direction happened and Amber happened, I was diagnosed with depression. I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. My parents tried their best to help me, to keep me up. But the negative thoughts kept slicing into my brain like knives. So I started singing, to stop me from doing anything horrid anymore. I was fine from then on. But, when Amber started to ignore me, and give me those nasty glares and etcetera, something in my brain triggered that caused me to become like the person I was years ago. It’s not Amber’s fault Niall. Even if I did go pass depression and became better, inside my brain, I still had a tiny amount of depression. I guess, it only happens when something really hits me so quickly.” By then, the lads and Amber had arrived and heard everything what he had to say.


They we’re as shocked as Niall. Niall didn’t know half of his story. But now, he did. There, his heart plummeted. Harry spun around, eyeing the four presences behind him. “And as for you guys,” Harry started. “I’m sorry for acting this way. I know I should’ve reached out for help, but I was just being a coward to admit anything.”

Harry stared at Amber as she was looking down at the ground in defeat. “Amber, I need to tell you something.”

“W-what i-is it?” she stuttered, trying to contain her tears to herself.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Harry whispered. ­­­


Amber looked back at him, her tears flooding her face. “I don’t hate you Harry. I’m just hurt. When you came out with Michelle, it really hurt me. I just thought, I was losing my best friend, my only friend that understood me from front to back. I was scared of losing you. I just felt like if there was another girl in your life, I would be nothing to you anymore, just another toy to play around with” Amber confessed shockingly, her lips trembling.


“You know that I’ll never replace you with anyone, Amber.” Harry responded quietly, “You know you’re my one and only. I thought you knew that. I never knew you we’re this hurt about Michelle and I, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never liked Michelle in ‘that’ way. I find her as my other sister. And as for you Amber, you’re different.”


“How different,” Amber asked hesitantly.


“Amber,” Harry chuckled sweetly, “I’m in love with you.”



Amber sobbed in relief, jumping into Harry’s arms in relief. In respond, Harry slithers his slender arms around Amber’s petite waist, inhaling the affection she had given. “I love you too,” Amber whispered.




And standing afar from the two, Niall stared at them both, tears glistening in his eyes. “You love him, don’t you?” Zayn whispered carefully, wrapping his arms around the blonde.


“I do,” Niall whispered, still not breaking his stare. “But if this is what’s best for him, then I need to accept it.”


“This must be hard, isn’t it?” Zayn responded back, swaying their two bodies together in sync.


“It is. But during my stay with him, I realised, we were never meant to be together. As much as I didn’t want to accept it, I knew that we weren’t destined to be together. He’s meant to be with Amber, not me. But like I said, if this is what’s best for him, then I need to suck it up and accept it.” Niall sobbed, trying to contain his hot tears from falling down.



Zayn nodded, spinning Niall around. “You deserve so much better Niall,” he whispered.


Niall nods, staring back at Amber and Harry, whom, in the moment, we’re laughing joyfully, enjoying each other’s company, not sensing the other presences around them. “I know I do.”


“But I’m just happy, that he’s finally a free bird.”





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