Free Bird {Completed}

All he needed was explanations . . . .


2. Free Bird {2}



Harry felt his body shake continuously. It wasn’t a soft shake. No, it was hard and forceful with a grip tight. His entire body cringed in annoyance as he open his eyes to reality. “You have an interview with the lads today. Get ready”

Harry knew that voice. It was so familiar yet so foreign. Amber. “Oka...Never mind” before Harry could respond, Amber had already turned her heels out his room. With a forceful sigh, he stood up, much to his dismay.

He ruffled his hair, his chocolate flops of hair bouncing freely. His eyes carried dark bags under and his complexion was poorly cared. He grabbed his attire close, before changing sloppily, not bothering to take a shower or refresh his face.


Harry made sure he hadn’t worn a short sleeved shirt today. He knew the lads would question him why his wrists are splashed with crimson red lines. Lately, he hasn’t been wearing short-sleeved shirts. Not that anyone minded, anyways. Once he had done his button up shirt, he jogged downstairs to the living room.

He scanned the area, looking for any of the lads, hoping to give him some instructions. Harry was lost. He needed guidance to do everything he had to do. Well, since he lost Amber he did.

“Harry, mate, get your arse here! We’re leaving in an hour, eat something.” Liam had shouted from the kitchen. Frightened from the sudden voice, Harry obeyed before grabbing a plate of bacons and eggs. He grabbed his utensils firmly on his hands, scooping a handful of bacon onto his spoon.

“Louis! Stop, that tickles!” Amber’s melodic voice shrieked before shouting a giggle at the end. Harry sighed, continuing to gobble his food quietly. He despised the thought that Amber was happy, without him.

He really did.

After dumping his plate onto the silver metallic sink, he trudged up to Niall’s room to vent. Niall was the only one, out of the whole group, that knew everything about what happened with him and Amber. As much as Niall had urged him to recollect the peace between them, Harry turned down the offer numerously.  Harry’s feet shuffled against the carpeted floors, pounding on Niall’s door softly as he could.

“Come in,” Niall’s thick accent called out. Without a hesitation, Harry bursts into the room, before breaking down and crying. Niall rushed down to his side, soothing him with calm words and kisses on his temple, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.

“Harry, please, stop crying.” Niall pleaded, gripping Harry’s body closely. “W-why does she hate me!” Harry cried out, slapping his hands on the floor in anger. “I don’t get it. I never did anything! I must’ve done something so fucking stupid to make this happen. Fucking hell, why am I such a screw up!”

“Stop doing this to yourself Harry!” Niall hollered, caressing Harry’s flushed cheeks softly. His piercing blue eyes stared at Harry’s green ones, his eyes full of sincerity and pity for the poor boy. “You never did shit, okay Harry? Nothing’s wrong with you. This is just a big misunderstanding. Everything is bound to end at one point. It may not be tomorrow or the next day, hell, maybe even a week. But I can assure you Harry, everything will be bloody fine. Just calm down and stop thinking about yourself negatively.” Niall whispered pleadingly.

Harry silenced immediately, his heart thumping harshly. “I hate seeing you like this Haz. I hate it. You’re an amazing person Harry. You just can’t see it. Whatever happens, please don’t do anything horrid anymore baby.” Said Niall once again, sliding Harry’s sleeves up to reveal the crimson red marks. Niall stared intently at the marks, grazing his fingers gently on it.


“I’m sorry” Harry spoke again, his voice scratching in thirst. His eyes we’re dried in hot tears, the stickiness stained onto his face. Still in the position minutes ago, Harry shifted up to the ground before hoping onto Niall’s bed. “C-can you tell the lads and Amber that I’m not feeling... well? And if I can just skip out of the interview today?” Harry asked.


“Harry, you know we can’t do that” Niall said reluctantly. “Please?” Harry whispered. Niall sighed, ruffling his hair harshly. “Okay, I will. Get better Harry, I pray the best for you baby boy.”

Once Niall slammed the door shut, Harry shut his eyes, the dark abyss of slumber taking over his body.


Niall scurried down towards where the lads and Amber sat, his hands shoved into his chinos. “Oh hey Niall, you’re awake!” Amber cheered happily, waving me politely. ‘Don’t act so innocent you little bitch’ Niall thought menacingly. “Awake I am.” Niall fake-smiled, giving her a wave back.

“Guys,” Niall started as silenced took over. “Harry’s not feeling well, so, he told me to tell you guys that he’s going to miss the interview today.” Zayn tilts his head, “What? He can’t miss it! It’s required for us to be all five. He can’t just pass it.”

“Lads, please calm down.” Liam assured all of them, giving them the fatherly tone. “Let the boy rest. He’s being having a hard time lately.”

“Hard time of what” Amber snapped harshly. “Too busy fucking Michelle?” Niall’s blood boiled, his hands clenched white.

“You just don’t understand anything Amber.” Niall says softly, much to his dismay as all he wanted was to hit her with a brick. “Lately, you’ve haven’t cared a single bit about Harry. Hell, did you even try to make a conversation with him? No. You don’t understand what’s happening in his life. He need’s his best friend with him, to comfort and assure him. But where are you know, Amber? You’re here, saying shit about your best friend, while he’s up there heart-broken.”

No one spoke after that. Not even Amber. Her face dropped before she shuffled awkwardly on the couch, looking down to her feet in shock. “Um guys.. I think we should go now. Takes us a couple of minutes to get there, and we have to be early as well” Liam started awkwardly as he stood up.


“Yeah..” Louis agrees before walking out of the door with Zayn, Liam, and Amber on his trail. Niall sighed forcefully, lacing his shoes before grabbing the knob of the door. ‘For Harry’ he thought before closing the door shut and turning his heels towards the black van that approached the five.



{Author's Note:}

Yeah, so I hope you all liked that. Alert me when there's any misspellings or grammar mistakes so I can fix them up later. Please and thank you,



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