Free Bird {Completed}

All he needed was explanations . . . .


1. Free Bird {1}


They drifted apart.

He could tell by the cold stares that she’d shoot him constantly. Her piercing blue eyes penetrating Harry’s heart continuously.

It hurt him.

It hurt him badly.

He missed the cuddles, and the affectionate actions they’d give each other daily, always ending with an “I love you” before separating.  

But it all disappeared soon after that day.


The day Harry came out with his girlfriend Michelle, it all changed after that.


There we’re no longer cuddles, kisses, giggles, nor “I love you’s” no more. It all ended so quickly, shocking Harry into pieces.


“We’re fine. Just a break” he’d always say, never doubting himself. He made himself believe that it was only temporary. Like as if it was a phase that would soon dissolve fast. “Once the phase is over, we’re going to be back to normal” he’d also say.


But that day, never came.


In fact, it had only gotten worse.


Each day, she rarely spoke to Harry, only when she had to. She’d never give him a speck of glance. She knew that it would be pointless, useless, and energy waste.


But for Harry, that would mean the world to him.


A single glance, even a simple stare, it would add a minute chance that they would get back together again, as Harry thought.

It’s been two weeks.


Two weeks since Harry had spoken to Amber. Two weeks of pure agony and desperation.

No matter how much Harry tried to get a conversation of Amber, it never worked. He was desperate. Desperate for explanations, answers, anything!


But Amber was stone. Never responding, scolding him before hurrying out of his view.

It tore him to pieces.


So Harry would vent, to take away all the pain that endured inside him. He’d sit at the corner of the bathroom, staring blankly at his arms, a metal razor on the tips of his hand. He would graze the razor onto his arms, slashing slices onto each free space he could find.

It gave him euphoria. It took the problems and pain away temporarily, leaving him in pure bliss.

It became his haven.


No one could stop him anymore. No matter how much his conscious begged him to stop, his brain would never listen. He couldn’t control himself anymore. 

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