Anything but Ordinary


2. 2

It's decided. I'm moving and that's final. I don't really know where yet, but I don't care what my mother thinks. She doesn't REALLY care about me. I'm just someone to hold captive in this house. I run downstairs looking for my guitar. Ugh! Where did I put the damn thing? I remember I played in the living room last time, so I look in there and it isn't there.
"Mom?!" I yell.
"What!" she yells back.
"Where the freak is my guitar?!"
"How about you don't leave it out and I won't put it away!"
Shit. Where could she have put it? There's no telling, but I can't live without it. Music is what keeps me going and I'm not going to lose it. I know that she won't give it back though. I grab my jacket and my purse. I am going to get a new guitar. The one that I have is not as good anyway. I have been saving up for a year and I finally have enough. I got money from playing in coffee shops, on streets, and working in a clothing store. I slam the door behind me and get in my car. I wish that this could be the last time that I ever see this house. I am so ready to move out of this prison. I head to the guitar shop in a hurry. I end up driving behind the slowest person on the planet.
"Oh my gosh! Will you actually decide to go the speed limit?!" I yell out in frustration. The light turns yellow and the person slams on their brakes. Ashley, calm down. I hear my cell phone ring and I answer it without looking at the caller ID.
"Hey Ash!"
"Hey Charlie. What's up?"
I could tell by her voice. She doesn't sound like anyone else. Her real name is Charlotte, but she doesn't like it so everyone calls her Charlie. We usually hang out every weekend. We have been best friends since forever and her family has always been there for me.
"Wanna stay over tonight? I've got some ideas of where to go if you wanna hang right now."
"I'm actually at the guitar store. My mom hid mine from me and won't give it back. I was planning on getting a new one anyway so I guess it worked out."
I hear my phone beep and I look at it. My mom's calling.
"Speak of the devil, she's calling me. I gotta go. Talk to you later Charlie. Bye!"
I hang up and answer my mom's call. I have a feeling this isn't going to be good.
"What do you want?" I say.
"Where the hell are you?! Get back here to the house now!"
"To the house? You mean the hellhole of all places? Um no. I'm not coming back to do your chores."
I hang up and go inside the guitar store. Time to get my mind off of things.

1 hour later:
I've gotten my guitar, a Taylor. I love it! Now I just need to think of a place to keep it so my mom won't find it. I head to the grocery store to get more food. I ate most of what we had already because I like to snack. I head inside and then I see Chase. I really notice this time what he looks like. Brown hair, blue eyes. He is somewhat tall and he looks like he works out some. He smiles at me and my heart starts to beat hard. Woah. His smile can do that? I wave and he waves back. He walks over to me.
"Hey Ashley. What's up?"
"Just back for more food." I say.
Chase nods and pauses, looking like he's about to say something.
"What is it?" I ask.
"Well, um, could I have your number?"
He looks so cute nervous. He looks so sweet and innocent. I hope this isn't an act in public. I don't really know what he's like in private.
"Sure! Give me your phone and I'll punch in my digits."
He looks relieved as he takes his phone out of his pocket and hands it to me. I add my name and number in his contacts and hand his phone back to him.
"Thanks!" he says smiling ear to ear.
"You're welcome.
"So, would you want to hang tonight? I'm having a party."
"What time?"
"It's at 7. A whole bunch of people are coming."
"Is there going to be alcohol?"
"I'm in."
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