Opportunities arise when your brother's famous

Hey i'm Emma Horan, Niall's Sister. I'm 19, born on the 13/10/1994, its a coincidence that our birthday's are exactly one month apart funny, right?
Well when Niall goes and auditions for X-Factor and gets into a group called One Direction I was and still am proud of him. So when he finishes his tour he comes home for a vist and brings...


2. The surprsie

later that night

Niall's POV

I'm packing my stuff finally!!! the boys are driving me to the airport for my 1 hour flight to home, Emma and mum are going to be there waiting for me and my surprise. "Niall, ready to go?" Liam asked me, "Yeah Liam i'm ready," i replied wandering out of my room and to the garage were the car was, i opened the boot and placed the luggage in. Liam and the rest of the boys hopped into he car, Liam was driving, i was in the front and (in this order from left to right) in the back was Harry, Louis and Zayn. The boys fell asleep it was just Liam and I just a little bit until we get to the airport and i too fell asleep. I was tapped on my shoulder, "Niall?Niall?We're here,"someone said i think it was Harry, i awoke sure enough it was harry. We walked to the check-in and put the luggage on the plane and then walked to the Gate. 


Emma's POV

Mum, Ella and I drove to the airport to pick up Niall mum had the radio on and the song happening by Chiddy Bang was playing so El and I started to sing 'its your choice, what are you waiting for? Cause this is happening, yeah this is happening oooooh'  i giggled then mum parked into the car park, 9:50pm we ran past security and then to the gate, a few minutes to spare 9:58pm. As the plane drive into the gate, we rushed to the gate i hadn't noticed that we where the only ones there... oh yeah it was a private plane.As the door opened and Niall stepped out i bolted to him, he picked me up and hug/spun me around, i saw the rest of the boys behind him so while he was spinning me around i waved to them, "Hi boys,"  i said as i waved," HI EMMA, I'M LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!" Louis practically  yelled, Niall put me down "Hi Emma, i'm Zayn this is Liam and he's Harry," Zayn said,"1. i know who you are and 2. didn't Niall tell you?" i answered, "really? no Niall didn't tell us anything but your name and that you two are really close, so i thought maybe your his girlfriend," Louis said, i giggled, "Nope i'm his... SISTER!!!!!!!!!"i yelled. i turned to Niall he had that cheeky face on then i turned to Ella she looked like she couldn't hold her fangirlling in much longer. "This is Ella, you remember her niall, right?" niall nodded. We hopped into the car, i was siting on Liam's Lap and Ella was sitting on Zayn's, on the way home we dropped into Nandos because of course Niall was hungry and he only ever eats what mum or i cook or Nandos, still the same Niall i knew.

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