I Love You, Girl

One Shot with Niall.


1. I Love You, Girl.

Cara's POV

Mom and Dad were fighting again. Oh my god I HATE them. I can't believe they do this, to me! I'm so pretty and wonderful, I have never once done ANYTHING wrong. But here they are, FIGHTING. "I hate you!!" I yelled to my parents, and just ran out of the room. I didn't even take my coat! That means it's serious. I decided to take a jog in the freezing weather to work out my anger. Worst fucking mistake I have ever fucking made. Fuck. Damn it it was cold. I was running along, and I ran into some blonde kid. He was all, "You okay?" and it was love right then. He helped me up, but coincidenally I had sprained my ankle. He had to carry me. We went to his flat, and all of one direction were like "Who the fuck is this?" and Niall was like, "Dude don't make fun of her! She's my princess!"

Harry was like, "One damn sexy princess,"

I was all, "Thanks."

Niall punched him. He was like "FUCK YOU, YOU CRAZY MOTHERFUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!" and Harry was like, "Ow."

Then Niall took me back to his room, and we had sex. Best sex I ever had. I guess I was a little vulnerable, but whatever. Zayn came in like twice to yell at us for being too 'loud'.

The next morning, I woke up laying on his chest. He looked at me and said, "Hey beautiful, I love you." and I was like, "I love you too."

So I put my clothes back on and went home. Mom was totally gonna kill me. Dad was probably gonna hit me again...

"YOU CRAZY BITCH!" Mom screamed, and threw a shoe at me. Dad just pursed his lips. I ran into my room, grabbed the sluttiest dress I have, and changed quickly. I teased my hair up like Snooki, and piled my makeup on like Beyonce. What can I say? Never enough spray tan. I went straight to the club, ignoring the drunken men on the streets wolf whistling at me. In the club, I danced like no tomorrow. Not sure how many guys I kissed, or how many drinks I had. But suddenly I felt very whoozy. Through my blurred vision Harry appeared. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. It felt good, great. So hot. Not sure what happened after that, but I woke up naked in a hotel. Harry came in with his trousers on carrying breakfast on a tray. "Hey babe," He whispered, and kissed me roughly. "What happened last night??" I demanded, "I banged you, it was hot." Harry said.

"AH!" I gasped, "You douche!! MOTHERFUCKING RAPIST!" and slapped him, then threw a pillow at him. I piled my clothes in my arms and ran out, crying. I dressed in the hallway, ignoring the frightened maid. I went straight to Niall's flat, and he screamed at me, "Are you fucking insane?? What's wrong with you! I TRUSTED YOU!!"

"what!?" I screamed back.

"What the hell is this??" He said, and threw a phone at me. I caught it, and read the text, that was apparently from me.


I'm going to fuck Harry Styles! HA!

"I was DRUNK!" I yell, and threw it back.

"You did it, didn't you!?"




He ran and picked me up in his arms, and we passionately kissed. He carried me back to the bedroom, where we proceeded to have more sex. Best sex of my life times 2. Niall woke me up, dressed in a tuxedo. "What's going on?" I asked groggily.

"We're getting married."

"Seriously? Oh my god!" I jump into his arms and kiss his neck. "I love you!"

"You too, love." he whispered into my hair.

It was a shotgun wedding that took ten minutes. It felt so right, so me. After the wedding, I threw up. For days after, I had morning sickness. Three days later, I found out I was pregnant. With Harry's child.

How was I gonna tell Niall? He was stoked, he thought it was his. I'd never met a more dad-ready person.

"Niall, babe, I gotta tell you something."

"What is it?"

"The baby isn't yours."

"No. It can't be--"


His eyes dropped to the ground. Then he raised his voice, "Get out. This marriage is over."



Harry walked in, and threw his arm around me. "What's wrong, babe?"

"Nothing." I said, glaring at Niall. I packed my bags and went with Harry.

The next day there was an announcement on TV, One Direction was breaking up. After a huge fight between Niall and Harry, which resulted in both of them going to the hospital. Zayn, Louis, and Liam were making a new group called Zaylilou. They had already released a song titled, "Crazy Bitch Broke Our Band" or, for short, "Cara."

Harry was pissed. He loved being a singer, and broke up with me. Niall filed for divorce. Everything was over.

And here I am, 5 years later, with my son, Narry. "Hey Narr, watcha doin?" I say and ruffle his hair. "Where's daddy?" he asks for the thousandth time. "Long gone, sweetie," I say, "Long gone."



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