They don't know about us.

One direction is one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Management told the boys "No girlfriends until we make it." Well Liam Payne doesn't listen. He is secretly dating Courtney Garcia, a girl from his home town. They keep it a secret by secret phone calls,secret dates,and secret identities. But one day management and fans find out. They give Hate to Liam and Courtney. Will they break up? Or will they have a unbreakable relationship? Find out more in this movella, 'They Don't Know About Us.'


4. These next 2 weeks.

Liam POV
Yeah!! Today was the day. She was coming over today! I looked at the clock and seen the time 3:00 am. Did I even get any sleep? Or was I up all night thinking of her? Eh I don't remember. I went to my phone and saw a new text from her. I was jumping with joy as I opened it to read it. 
From: Courtney boo <3
Hey<3 I know its like 3 am but I'm gonna be over in about 10 minutes<3 Cant wait to see you! Bye love<3 

I smiled as I read the words 'Cant wait to see you!'. She was adorable. I couldn't wait to see her. Oh wait. 10 minutes??!!?!?? I have to get ready!! Well I don't have time to shower. Eh, Ill just brush my teeth and throw on some sent. So thats what I did. I went downstairs and watched some t.v.. I just couldn't wait to see her again. Touch that body again. I heard a knock at the door and ran to it. I threw it opened. "LIAM!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as she jumped into my arms. "Hello Love," I said smashing her body against mine. "I missed you!!!" I told her. We just could not stop hugging. She was holding on to me for dear life. "Oh Liam," She said letting go of me. She smashed her lips against mine as she deepened it. She was so deep. She started using tongue as she said something. "I wanna lose it to you Liam." She said. By loosing, I knew she met her virginity. But she couldn't loose it now. Not here. "Babe," I said pulling away. "Oh Liam Im sorry, I knew I just got here and-" I cut her off by kissing her. "And I wanna take yours." I said winking at her. She winked at me. We started kissing deeper and deeper but we got cut off by footsteps on the stairs. We stopped and she went on the chair acting like she was looking for something in her bag, while I turned on the t.v and watched Spongebob. I looked up and seen Harry. "Hey Liam who is our guest?" He said walking by us. "Hi. Im Courtney." She said holding out her hand. He took it and kissed it. "Im Harry, but you can call me Hazza if you like." He said smiling at her. "Well hello Hazza!" She said hugging him. I felt some anger,jealousy,and some fear. What if Harry takes her from me? Harry does think we are broken up, which makes it worse. Harry is gonna try to steal her from me. "So its 3 am what would you like to do??" I asked them. "If you don't mind Liam, I would like to talk to Courtney for a bit." Harry said taking her hand and bringing her to the kitchen. I swear if Harry steals her from me, its gonna go down. 

Harry POV
Damn was she gorgeous. She had silky brownish blondish hair up to her wrists. She had hazel eyes that sparkled. And her body! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT WORK OF ART! Obviously, her parents did an EXCELLENT job on her! She walked slowly. Probably mad that she was single! Should I make a move on her? I shouldn't do that to a best friends ex-girl. That would be wrong. I should actually get to know her more. Why don't I ask her. That would be smart. But what should I ask her? "Ask what?" Courtney said laughing leaning on the counter. Did I just say that out loud? "Um yeah you did." she said laughing again. "I gotta stop doing that." I said shaking my head. "Don't worry, I used to do that all the time. Ask Liam. Hehe" She said giggling. "Well about that, what happened between you and Liam? Did you take it okay?" I asked her. "What do you mean what happened? We ar-Oh, I took it pretty hard. But it was okay. Me and Liam should be just friends." She said grabbing water. 

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