They don't know about us.

One direction is one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Management told the boys "No girlfriends until we make it." Well Liam Payne doesn't listen. He is secretly dating Courtney Garcia, a girl from his home town. They keep it a secret by secret phone calls,secret dates,and secret identities. But one day management and fans find out. They give Hate to Liam and Courtney. Will they break up? Or will they have a unbreakable relationship? Find out more in this movella, 'They Don't Know About Us.'


3. She's coming over.

Liam POV
I was at the studio until 6:00. When the boys and I were coming home, we were talking about Paul's new rule. "So I cant date Perrie now." Zayn said trying to hold tears. "I have been trying to get a girlfriend for 3 months, now I cant." Harry said looking out the window. It was raining. Perfect weather for talking about break ups and secrets. I thought about if I should tell them about me and Courtney's secret relationship. But they would tell Paul. And who knows what Paul would do to me!? "Yeah I just got over a breakup too." I whispered. "Really? Who?" Niall said. Niall wasn't really that sad. He wasn't planning on getting a girlfriend for a long time. "A girl from my hometown. Courtney." I said slowly. "Really? How did she take it??" Louis said moving closer to me. Louis and Eleanor broke up 2 months ago. It was pretty hard for the band because we loved them as a couple. I still remember Louis coming home with puffy red eyes as he told us what happened. They couldn't spend so much time together. Eleanor was going to America for school, and Louis was in a band. So they decided it would be easier if they weren't dating. But they texted each other. Now they are really good friends who enjoy each others company. Kinda like me and Courtney in 8th grade. "She took in pretty hard. She started crying along with me. But she knew it was the best thing to do." I said while playing with my wristband. "Liam," Harry started while looking at my hands playing with my wristbands. "Why didn't you tell us you had a girlfriend?!? I would have loved to meet her!!!" Harry said patting my back. "She's in Wolverhampton. She doesn't have the money to come to London. Sorry." I said. "Well then..." Zayn started. Louis stopped the car in front of the house. Thank god Paul wasn't coming back for 2 weeks. He was going to go see his daughter. None of us knew his daughter. She was in India for her Indian repot for her class. Paul is going to go pick her up, so the boys and I had the house for a whole 2 weeks. "So what do you guys want to do?" Louis said grabbing a water from the fridge. "Watch T.v I guess." Harry said grabbing the remote and turning on random channels. "TOY STORY IS ON. PUT. TOY. STORY. ON." I yelled as I grabbed Harry's shirt. "Okay Liam!!! Calm yo tits!!!" He said as he put toy story on. We sat and watched Toy Story as Zayn was texting someone as usual. "No Perrie. No." He started saying. What was he talking about? "Zayn? What happened?" Louis said walking over to Zayn. "Oh its just Perrie. Nothing else." he said wiping his tears away. "Zayn. Bring her over. We'll talk to her." Harry told us. "And Liam, bring Courtney over." Niall said. Whoa!! I cant bring Courtney over! Well maybe I can. I can tell the boys that we are still going out so it wont be awkward for the boys if she comes over. But at the same time, the boys might tell Paul. "Ill try to contact her asap." I said pulling out my phone. Something was telling me "Don't do it Liam. Just don't." But I still did anyway. I texted her. 
To: Courtney boo <3
Hey babe so can I ask you something?<3xx

I waited 4 minutes for a reply until my screen popped up with her text. 

From: Courtney boo <3
Yeah sure babe wassup??

To: Courtney boo <3
Well the boys want you to come over. You alright with that my love? Ill pay for it. <3 xx

From: Courtney boo <3
This is why I love you<3! Ill come around early tomorrow. <3 

To: Courtney boo <3
I love you too <3 And I will be awake don't worry <3xx

From:Courtney boo <3
Thankss<3 Well babe g2g my mom is here._. Love yhuu<3 

To:Courtney boo <3 
Love you too<3 xx

We stopped texting. Oh how I hated leaving her. I just wanted to always text her. Always be with her. Always love her.  I sighed and sat on my bed. I looked at the blank blue roof right above me. I thought back to August 2009. So whenever you hear the song 'Rock me.' by One direction and you hear the line 'We were together Summer 09' you can think of me and Courtney. Courtney is amazing. She is also the most gorgeous woman on this earth. I still remember 2nd grade when I went to her house. Our first play date. 
"This is my room!!!" Courtney said opening the door to her room. It was pink with stuffed animals on every corner of the room. "Ew its pink!!!" Leo said running in. "Because she's a girl!!!" Ana said in front of Leo's face. Leo then pushed Ana on the floor. "Guys stop fighting! Lets play a game!!!!!!" She said going in her closet. She pulled out the game 'Candy Land'. We started playing for 5 minutes. "Im bored. Lets do something else. "TAG!" Leo said poking Courtney. "OWW!!!!!!" She said holding her arm. "Hey, why did you do that for!?" I yelled at Leo. "She's it!!!" He said running. We started playing tag until we heard Courtney's mom yell from downstairs. "ANA! LEO! YOUR PARENTS ARE HERE TO PICK YOU UP!!!!" She yelled. Lucky me though. I lived right down the block from Courtney so I could walk with Courtney and her older brother. We all said our goodbyes and they were off. They left me and Courtney there. "You wanna color?" She said pulling out some coloring books. "Yeah!!!" I said grabbing a superman one. "Why do you have a superman coloring book?" I asked her. "My brother gave it to me." She said rolling her eyes and laughing. "I have a princess one!!!!" She said looking for a clean page to color. I looked through the superman coloring book to find many pages colored. "Do you color in this?" I asked her still looking for a page. She looked up the same time I did. "Yeah. Sometimes when Im bored." She said looking at the page. She colored amazing. She was inside the lines, used to right colors, sometimes added some more detail. "You color really good!!!" I told her. "Thanks Liam!" She said. Me and Courtney were different genders. We knew that we weren't supposed to get along. But somehow, we did. We got along so well, that we would always be going to each others houses. "Liam your pretty cool!!!" She told me as she was getting her coat on. We decided to go to the park that was right across the street. "Courtney, I don't care that your a girl, your my best friend." I said hugging her. She hugged back as we went downstairs and ate some pizza. "Are you guys friends?" Her mom asked. "Best friends!!!!" We said at the same time lifting our hands while we held them together. "Really? Thats cute!!!" Her mom said giving us the pizza. We giggled and smiled at each other. 5 minutes later we walked to the park. "Lets go on the swings!!!!" She said running towards them. I sat on the one next to her. I started swinging as we started talking. "Lets know each other forever."She whispered. "Yeah! Until we are 100 years old!" I said. We both came off the sings and hugged. 
**End of Flashback**
I started to get back to the real world. Wait. Courtney was coming tomorrow. I started to panic. "Clean! Clean! CLEAN." I started to say as I threw all my clothes in the closet. I made room for her clothes in the closet and slammed it. Then I went downstairs and sat at the table in the kitchen. "She's coming over tomorrow?" Harry asked me handing me some tea. I took a small sip of my hot tea. "Oh yeah, she's coming over." I said taking another sip.

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