They don't know about us.

One direction is one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Management told the boys "No girlfriends until we make it." Well Liam Payne doesn't listen. He is secretly dating Courtney Garcia, a girl from his home town. They keep it a secret by secret phone calls,secret dates,and secret identities. But one day management and fans find out. They give Hate to Liam and Courtney. Will they break up? Or will they have a unbreakable relationship? Find out more in this movella, 'They Don't Know About Us.'


2. Remembering our past.

Courtney POV
Oh how I love my Liam! He is amazing. We have been together for 2 years. They have been rough but we got through it. We text almost everyday. The only problem is, he didn't introduce me to his friends. I would really like to meet the other members of One direction, but now we have to keep our relationship a secret. No more love tweets on twitter. No more shout outs to me in the twit cams. No more songs dedicated to me at their concerts. None. It will suck, but we will get through it. I looked through my phone and saw a picture of Liam before he left for X-factor. Oh how his hair was so long. And straight. Now he cut it. He always has a different hair style. I love it. Me and Liam do have some history together. We went to the same school together since 2nd grade. We were best friends. We did everything together. Oh how I loved my Liam. We graduated elementary school, and middle school together. We were supposed to graduate High School together, but when he was 16 he went to X-Factor. He became part of the biggest boy band in the world 'One Direction'. And don't get me wrong. The first year of fame was hard for me. Not being able to see Liam. I was also scared he was going to meet another girl in the process. Except when he put on twitter in front of all his fans, "Sorry guys, Im taken by the most amazing girl on earth. Ms Courtney Garcia!!!<3xx'. I started crying of joy as I seen a whole bunch of people saying 'Lucky!! Ha(:' or 'Congrats Liam! She's perfect!'. I called Liam that day as we talked for hours. I am probably the biggest fan ever. I have about 137 posters in my room. And 100 of those are of my wonderful boyfriend 'Liam James Payne'. After he put that tweet up I have been getting blown up with tweets saying 'Whats Liam's favorite color?' or 'What's Liam's favorite food?'. And my favorite, 'What's Liam's phone number!?'. I laugh at all these. Oh how wonderful it feels to know they stalk your boyfriend. Actually its kinda awkward. Eh. Who cares?!? I would stalk him too. Anyway Liam was in London. I would really love to go see him. But our relationship was a secret now. Now I couldn't brag on Twitter how much I love him. There is a 100% chance Paul or the boys will see. I wanted to surprise Liam at his house in London. Why couldn't he come visit me in Wolverhampton!? Can't we just wear disguises!? Eh but it was Liam's fame. Not mine. I know I was going to get death threats and hate. Oh shit. I just realized I was going to!! Oh my god I better call Liam. I pulled out my phone and dialed Liam's number (who was on my speed dial!). I waited 2 rings when I heard Liam out of breath. "Hey Courtney whats up?" He said panting. "Um Hi Liam. You okay there?" I said laughing. "Yeah its just the boys have a habit of answering my phone and they don't know about our relationship so I ran upstairs, slammed the door, and answered you!!" He said laughing still out of breath. "Oh alright." I said laughing. "So hon?" I told him. "Yeah babe whats up?" He asked very concerned. Thats the thing about Liam. He didn't like me getting hurt, or being hurt. He was a very good boyfriend. Now you know why I liked him since 2nd grade. He used to share his crayons with me! Eh I guess it wasn't that romantic, but it was 2nd grade! We weren't supposed to kiss or anything. "Im scared about getting hate." I whispered into the phone. "Oh yeah babe Im so sorry I forgot about that its just..." He started talking really fast. Liam. Mr Nice Guy. "Babe calm down its fine! Just don't tell anyone." I said laughing at how fast he was talking. "For sure?" He asked. I could tell he was scared too. I mean they are going to send hate to Liam, but mostly, me. "Dead sure." I said holding a finger out even though he wasn't in my room. "Okay then. Well babe I got to go to the studio. Call you in about 3 hours?" He said sighing. He didn't like leaving me. I didn't like leaving him either. My Liam. My world. The only thing that mattered to me right now. "Okay babe thats fine. Bye love." I said. "Muah!" He yelled through the phone. "Muah!!" I said back. He hung up as I fell on my bed. "Oh how I love that boy." I said. I looked to my side on my bedside table and saw a lamp and the Hunger Games. Yes, I was a Hunger Games nerd. I could tell you what happened in the book without even looking at it. I also saw a picture frame with a picture in it. It was all dusty and I never really payed attention to it until now. I took it and wiped it on my sleeve getting all the dust off. I seen 6 people in golden and blue cap and gowns standing by a school. The first one I saw? Duh, me!! I looked to the right of me and saw, Liam. I was jumping with joy as I looked at the school name behind us. "William F Middle School." I whispered to myself. Next to Liam was a girl named Angie. Oh how Angie was amazing. She sat behind me and Liam in 8th grade. We talked all the time. Even came to my house a couple of times. But somehow we stopped talking to each other. We lost connection. I looked next to Angie and saw a boy. Oh yeah, Logan. Logan was Angie's boyfriend at that time. You could tell because 1) They were so close together not even tugging will pull them apart. Logan's hands were so far on Angie's bum, it was like they were about to get laid. And 2) They were bragging about their relationship in every class. They would kiss in the halls, hold hands like a mother holding her child's hand across the street. And whenever a boy would talk to Angie she would reply with the same comment, "Sorry I have a boyfriend. Logan to be exact." And wink at Logan who was always by her. Oh geez. The other person was Roger. Roger was one of my friends. He used to sit next to me. Yes, I was between Roger and Liam. No I wasn't a slut. Anyway Roger had long brown hair. He had gorgeous green eyes that would sparkle whenever he was in the light. But Liam, was something else. Something better. Roger did drugs. Roger was abusive. Roger wasn't someone you would like alone in your house. He would try to have sex with you. So thats one of the reasons why we stopped talking. The person next to Roger was Lilly. Lilly was what you would call a 'Goodie Goodie.'. She got good grades,didn't date guys, never wore anything that showed to much, never got in trouble, and so on. The thing people didn't know about her was, she lost her virginity at age 13 and had a baby. She was supporting her baby 'Cory'. How did I know this? Well she told me. I went to her house. She cried and cried for 15 minutes. Well Lilly, she moved to Canada when she graduated because somehow it got around the whole town. I haven't talked to her since. All of us together were the 6 coolest of William F. We always talked together. Then life happened. We all went our separate ways. Except me and Liam. We actually stayed in touch. He asked me out when he was 16. I agreed and we went out for 7 months until he had to go to X-Factor. Don't get me wrong I was excited for him. I just knew he was going to be famous. I started to tear up because I wanted Liam. I wanted his lips against mine again. I wanted his warm hugs. I wanted our mini sleepovers and our shopping trips again. I wanted the love tweets and shout outs at concerts. I wanted songs dedicated to me again. But moat importantly, I wanted Liam back. But our relationship, was now a secret from the whole world. 

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