They don't know about us.

One direction is one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Management told the boys "No girlfriends until we make it." Well Liam Payne doesn't listen. He is secretly dating Courtney Garcia, a girl from his home town. They keep it a secret by secret phone calls,secret dates,and secret identities. But one day management and fans find out. They give Hate to Liam and Courtney. Will they break up? Or will they have a unbreakable relationship? Find out more in this movella, 'They Don't Know About Us.'


1. No More Girlfriends.

Liam POV
"Band meeting in 5 minutes mate." Harry said walking into my room. Ugh another one! We always have them. Our manager Paul always gives us 'rules' and 'conducts' about being a band and being famous. But what does he know? He is just another guy who got lucky to be One directions bodyguard. "Alright." I sighed as Harry left the room. I sat on the bed and looked at the blank black wall covered with white spots here and there. I looked at the clock as 2 minutes passed. "Might as well go now." I said getting up and leaving. I went down into the dining room and saw the boys and Paul sitting around the table with an empty chair for me. "Have a seat Liam this is important." Paul said pointing to the chair. "Whatever." I mumbled and plumped down in the chair between Liam and Niall. Harry looked at me with confused eyes. "So boys,lets just get it over with. No relationships." He said looking at Harry. "WHAT???? PAUL!!!!!!!!" Zayn yelled standing up with anger in his eyes. Harry stared at Paul and Paul nodded slowly. "No no no Paul you cant do that!!!!!" Louis said pacing the floor.  "Yes I can..." Paul said standing up. "But I was planning on getting a girlfriend Paul!!!" Harry yelled. "No Paul please no." I said almost crying. "Liam whats wrong!?" Louis said running to me. "I just...." I couldn't finish my words. "Liam!?" Zayn yelled. I started to let out tears and I ran back upstairs and slammed the door and locked it. How was I going to tell her?! Courtney. I was planing on having her come and meet the boys and Paul. Well I guess I gotta cancel that plan. And our relationship. No. I couldn't end it with her. I can leave her. I sat and thought about our love. How it all started. 2 years ago...
"I love you..." Courtney said silently as we were laying on the floor staring at the stars. "You love me?" I whispered in her ear. "Yes Liam." She said blushing and curling up to me. "I love you too." I whispered in her ear. She came closer and we kissed right then and there. She deepened it and held my hair in her hands and messed it up. I did the same with her as she rubbed my chest. I rubbed her legs and she pulled away. "Your going to X-Factor in a few days Liam. We might never see each other again." I looked down as she got tears in her eyes. She was about to sob her eyes out right in front of me. I lifted her chin and stared into her beautiful hazel eyes. "Ill come back to Wolverhampton Court. Trust me." I told her also with tears in her eyes. She lay on my chest as I sung "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston. "I love you Liam,please don't forget." She said. The next day I was packing up and went to London. We became One direction and me and Courtney would text everyday. She would try to get into all of our concerts but she wasn't that rich. She could only afford 3 concerts in 1 year. Even when she did she sat all the way in the back.
**End or flashback**
"I gotta tell her." I told myself. I took my phone out of the pocket and texted her. 

To: Courtney boo <3 
I waited 2 minutes until I got a text from her.
From: Courtney boo <3 
Hey wassup? ^__^ 
I sighed as I texted the most painful words I could ever type.
To:Courtney boo <3
Paul told me 'No relationships until we are truly famous...' xx
I started to form tears as I saw the 3 little dots which means she is typing.
From:Courtney boo <3
Oh. I understand.
My tears started to fall and I held my head in my hands.
To:Courtney boo <3
Well Im not going too. xx
From:Courtney boo <3 
You have to Liam. Ill be fine. Trust me?
I started crying even more thinking she wants to dump me.
To:Courtney boo <3
No. They don't need to know about us. We will be together forever, and always. xx
I started to panic. What if Paul found out? What would he do? More important what if the boys found out!?
From:Courtney boo <3
This is why I love you, <3. Trust me, I wont tell. 
I smiled at the phone as she sent a picture of her in tears but she was kissing me through the phone. I did the same back to her as we stopped talking. I started crying again thinking about what will happen. I might leave One direction. I will lose my fame. I will drop. I will die. I opened to door to find Zayn on the floor crying. "I broke up with Perrie! I cant be with her!!" Zayn said with his hands in his face. I went down and told Paul I was sone with Courtney. I felt bad lying. But I would do anything for Courtney. She was my world. They don't know about us.
So hey guys! Thanks for reading my movella 'They don't know about us.' Well Im going to hold a competition. Yay!! So here are the parts:
Courtney's best friends (2)
Liam's sister
Harry's ex girlfriend
Pauls daughter
Niall's sister
Louis best friend 
So here is what you need,
Part you want:
Are you enjoying this movella?:
Describe yourself (hair,eyes,height etc..)

I will pick 8 people <3 Thanks <3
Xoxo ~Layla (Niallsgirl54321)

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