Doctor Who Valentine's Special: 1SHOT41D

Having a very short plot and being an overly distasteful holiday to celebrate, this episode short sadly never made it through editing, let alone to the screens of the devoted fans of our beloved Doctor. Shortly after his 10th incarnation came around, he and Rose dropped by Earth around Valentine's Day of 2013, only to be taken by surprise: the Earth had already been successfully invaded by a race of aliens who used music to enslave the minds of humans to do their bidding. Will Rose and the Doctor be able to rescue Earth from their sway? Or are they already too late?


1. After Returning From a Strange Parallel Universe...

   The Doctor threw open the TARDIS door, breathing in the fresh air enthusiastically. "Ah, home sweet home!"

   "Mum says it's Valentine's," said Rose, looking up from her text message and at the universe she knew and loved.  Stepping out beside the Doctor, they both took a moment to observe passersby.  As they stood there, a gaggle of young girls skipped by, sporting "One Direction" on their clothes, singing rather horribly off-key. "Wow.  I wonder what that was all about?"

   The Doctor groaned, "Oh, really?  I can't have one day off?"

   "Well, fine, if you want me to go--"

   "No, no, no, not you, Rose," he amended, motioning toward the gaggle as it seemed to be collecting girls the further it went down the street. "That.  Earth's been invaded.  Again."

   She shook her head slowly. "It sounded like some pop song's all."

   "You didn't think pop-stars were human, did you?" he laughed, rummaging through his pockets. "Now, where did I put that...?"

   "What are you doing?"

   "Curing these people," he replied, pulling out his sonic screwdriver and pointing it skywards. "If I hijack a satellite, I can broadcast the frequency, and the planet will be free by dinner, so the few couples left can enjoy their Valentine's in peace."

   "So, neither of us."

   "What was that?"

   "Nothing.  What's the cure, anyway?" she asked, looking up at the sky.

   "Classic rock," he replied cheerily, a nearby car rolling by with the radio playing a classic guitar rift. "There, see?  All better."

   A random woman witness to the Doctor's heroism and genius rushes over, planting a kiss on his lips.  She left without a word, the Doctor smiling proudly as Rose stared at him, flabbergasted.  He raised his eyebrows in question, looking away awkwardly as he hummed an innocent tune.

  "See, I never understood that," she admitted after a long pause, gaining his attention again. "How every woman in this universe can make a move on you, except for me."

   The Doctor shrugged. "I'm not stopping you."

   "...Really?" she asked warily, but he nodded.


[This scene has been censored by Satellite 5 on behalf of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Empire for any Oods that may be viewing.  Thank you.]

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