I will never forget <3 1SHOT41D

Hi my names Abbie. I dont know how many girls could say that they were going out with Louis Tomlinson but I can.that was one week ill never forget. Until things got nasty


7. They Really like her.

Still Still Louis' P.O.V




We were both ready when Harry walked into the lounge and saw us sitting on the couch cuddeling. He gave me a look. Was he... Jeaous?! No! Harry always got the girl he wanted. Im sure he couldnt like Abbie! She was mine! "When are the others coming Lou?" He said trying to sound cheery. "Ummm In about-" DING. The doorbell rung and Abbie's head popped up. I giggled a bit and she threw a pillow at me and laughed. "Just go get the door!" I walked to the door and turned the nob.




Abbie's P.O.V




"Where is she!! I need to check if she is worthy of our presence!!" The blond one said. I burst out into laughter. "Ahhhh There she is!!" Haha that was Niall. He was sooo cute! The one with really dark hair, tan skin, earrings and beautiful brown eyes ,Zayn I think, Whispered something to Liam. Liam turned to Zayn. "Sure is!" Then turned to me and smiled. All the boys came to lounge area and sat down. My phone started playing give me love by Ed Sheeran. I picked it up. "Hi, You know who it is!" The boys laughed at how I answered my phone. "Abbie. Its me."

"Why are you calling me"

"I just had to say something."

"What? No amout of sorrys will ever make me forgive you!"

"I was just..."

"Just what"

"I was just gonna tell you that im coming to pick up my stuff tommorrow."

"What!?" BEEP BEEP BEEP. He hung up. I sat down with the sadesst look on my face.  "Are you ok beb?" Zayn said. I burst. Why didnt HE love me? I know I have Louis now but I dont know what I did wrong! Louis hugged me. My hands were covering my face and I felt my eye liner running. Louis half picked me up and half pulled me along but he took me to his room. "Sweetheart, dont worry about him! He is a jackass anyway. There are only 4 days till valentines and I want you to be happy. Okay?" I looked up at him and nodded. I was sitting on the side of the bed and Louis had his arms on my shoulders and he was leaning over me. He whipped my eyeliner of with a wet tissue. We went back to the lounge and the boys were talking. "EHEM" Niall said pointing his head in my direction and looking at the others. I dont think they liked me.




Harry's P.O.V



When I saw them hugging on the couch my chest exploded. I wanted her! She would be mine.  And to make it worse the other boys liked her too! This means war.

The boys and I were talking about her. Dont judge!! And she walked in. After Niall clued us in we didnt know what to do. "Ummm, how bout we watch a movie?" I said. "OOO yes!" Her voice was so beautiful and delacte. At the same time Louis, Niall and Abbie shouted "DISNEY!" We all laughed. "Ok, What about bambi?" Louis said. Abbie shook her head, "To sad."

"Umm lady and the tramp?"


"Oh I Know! Lion King!"

"Yes!" We put the disc in the player and started watching. Niall was sitting on the armchair left of the couch, on the couch from left to right Me, Abbie, Louis then Liam. I caught Niall staring at Abbie half way through the film. I shot him a glare and he rolled his eyes. She was going to be mine wether the boys liked it or not.

I have that effect on girls.




Louis' P.O.V



The movie finished and it was 2pm. The boys and I went out to nandos to pick up some food but Harry and Abbie stayed home. For some reason I was worried. The boys seemed to REALLY like her.

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