I will never forget <3 1SHOT41D

Hi my names Abbie. I dont know how many girls could say that they were going out with Louis Tomlinson but I can.that was one week ill never forget. Until things got nasty


2. The day it all started

Abbie's P.O.V



" OMG!!! 6 DAYS TILL VALENTINES ELLI!!!!!!!!" I screamed to my bff over the phone. 'I know!!! Do you know what Toms gonna do for you??" I looked at my feet. He hadnt even mensioned anything about Valentines but I didnt want her rubbing her boyfriend Callum in my face. "He said it was really big and it was a superise." I lied. I could here she was just waiting for me to say that he wasnt doing anything but i showed her. "Oh well, Callums taking me to a REALLY fancy restaurant." She was definitly bragging. "Elli come on stop it!! You know I dont care what Callums doing cause your just showing off." I was getting annoyed. "Well fine! If you dont wanna talk to me I'll just go then!!!" She hung up."Haha sucker. DEFEAT!!" I said to myslf. It was around 1 so I went to have some lunch. I walked into the kitchen to grab something to eat. I open then fridge and slappe my hand into my face. "Uhhh" I moaned. I haden't been shopping in a week and all I had was water, an apple and some bread. I decided to go to the shops even tough it was 1:32 now. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.




Louis's P.O.V



I woke up from a nap that I think I was asleep for two hours. I looked at my watch. " What the hell!" It was 1:05. I turned around to see Harry smirking and giggling. "Harry! Why didnt you wake me up! Its past lunch time!" "Well you looked so funny so I posted some pics on twitter and then was recieving tweets." He was still smiling "I really didnt have time!"He said sarcastically. "I better go get some food for lunch. Wanna call the boys??" I asked as i straightend my clothes and got up."Sure. Im on it." Harry said. I grabbed my phone and stepped out.


It was now 1:40 and I was at the shops. I walked in and started shopping. I went through all the isles and got what I needed. I tHen tought about breakfast and went to the fruit section. I was looking through tHen saw a fruit and I was just confused. 'What is it!?' I thought. Just then I head a bang and I was on the floor practicly lying on the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. She had dark bown hard and beautiful light brown hair.

I was shocked.



Abbie's P.O.V



I was looking through the fruit section and got distracted my a woman tring to shove a whole watermelon in her bag and it was deffinitly not working. Just then BANG. I was on the floor under one of the most gorgeous boys I had ever seen. He had messy light brown hair and beautiful greeny blue eyes. He opened his moutth but closed it then gulped and said "Im so sorry!" He jumped off me. We were both bright red and I could tell. "Its okay it was my fault." I said while rubbing the back of my neck. It was strange he was wearing sunglasses even inside. They had fallen off when we bumped into each other though. "Hey you look familier?" I said and as soon as I said that he said "Oh yeah Im in a band you may have heard of. One direction?" He said. He couldnt keep hs eyes off me. Why was he staring? Did he think I was rude or something? Was I that ugly? I knew from my mother that I was not pretty. She reminded me constantly. "Haha My friend loves you guys!" I finally replied. He was looking nervous. "Hey ummm. Maybe would you wanna go get a coffee or something? You dont have to if you dont want!" What? Was he serious? Did he just ask me out? No. He ment it in a friend way. Im sure Tom wouldnt mind. "Yeah. Sure"

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