I will never forget <3 1SHOT41D

Hi my names Abbie. I dont know how many girls could say that they were going out with Louis Tomlinson but I can.that was one week ill never forget. Until things got nasty


3. Now Its All Over

Louis's P.O.V



I CANT BELEIVE IT!!! She actually said yes. Oh my gosh. "When are you free?" I said to her trying to hide my giant smile. "Um now I guess, right after I pay for these." She said looking at her shopping. Wow did she eat nothing?? She only had lettuce, chicken, tomato, some herbs, cucumber and some fruit. She was deffinitly skinny and so beautiful. When she talked all I wanted to do was kiss her. She noticed me staring I think. "Umm I'll go pay for my groceries. Then I'll meet you out front okay?" She had the sweetest autralian/british accent. "Yeah sure. See you out there love."

We both went and payed. There was something about her. She looked so insecure but willing to open if she met someone she could talk to. I wish I was that guy. I hoped she didnt have a boyfriend.



Abbie P.O.V


Louis kept staring at me when we talked. I giggled a bit at the fact that I forgot to tell him my name. I walked to my car and put all my food in. Just then I saw him walk out the shop. He was so cute. Something inside me said I wanted to kiss him. No! Im in love with Tom. Hes my boyfriend. I walked up to him "Hi! Umm How bout we meet at the closest starbucks?" His smile was adorable. "Yeah! Sure!" I hopped in my car and drove off.

I got out and saw him waiting there."Hey!" He said gladly. "Hi! Lets go sit down" We sat down at the table in the centre of the room. "Do you want me to order?" I asked him. Of course I wanted to pay. I always do that. "No dont worry about it. What do you want?" He asked politly "I'll have a large white chocolate capichino thanks." I grabbed my walet and handed him $20. He laughed a bit and smiled. "Whats this? Im paying silly!" He handed it back to me. I didnt want to be rude but I didnt want to deny him. "Fine" I said giving in. He went up to order.

When he came back he started talking. "I never got your name by the way?"

"Oh Im Abbie."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I blushed. He was joking like being sarcastic, right? Why was he even with? I was confussed.

He was wearing red skinny jeans, a navy blue polo, a really cute beanie and a pair of sunnys. He looked gorgeous. No! Why did I keep thinking that! Arr Im ment to be thinking of Tom!



Louis's P.O.V


"Oh Im Abbie" What a pretty name.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." She blushed. It made me tingle inside. About an hour past.

"Oh Shit!" I yelled. "Im so sorry but I have to go. My roommate is waiting for me.

"Thats okay I better go too."

"Wait before we both go, can I get your number?" She looked shocked that I asked.

"Uhhh Sure I guess" We exchanged phones.

"Thanks Love!" We both left. She was amazing. I dont know why she was so insucure. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was nighnteen and I was twenty-one. Phew!

I got home and opened the door. The boys sat on the couch discussing the new album. Why were they talking about this on break? "Louis! Where the hell have you been mate!" Its been 2 hours!" Harry said helping me with the bags. I said my hellos to the boys and we chatted for a bit and ate. While Hazza was washing up he asked me "So Lou, why WERE you so late?" I knew I should tell them. Well I met a girl." "OOOOOOO" Zayn said laughing and we all joined in. "I took her out for coffee and we exchanged numbers." They looked humoured. I told them everything.



Abbie's P.O.V


I got home after an amzing time. Louis was so nice. He told me about his band and everthing. I saw my message bank beeping at me on the home phone. Who called me? Probably my friend Lily. We were going to catch up tomorrow. I pressed the button. "Hey Abbie." It was Tom. I loved his voice. "Um I guess your not there. Well Im uh Breaking Up With You. Bye!" Tears flooded my eyes. I screamed. What did I do!? Why was this happening. I wanted to talk to him but I knew I shouldnt. I was still crying on the floor an hour later. On the floor. Where I listen to the message. That just destroyed me.

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