I will never forget <3 1SHOT41D

Hi my names Abbie. I dont know how many girls could say that they were going out with Louis Tomlinson but I can.that was one week ill never forget. Until things got nasty


8. Classic Harry

Harry's P.O.V

The boys went out to grab some lunch and me and Abbie and I stayed home. HAHA now is my chance. Abbie was laying on the couch watching tellie. I walked up to the couch, sat down and put the feet on my legs. " Watch watching?" She looked at me with a smirk and rolled her eyes at my hands which were now in her feet. "Dr phil" she said.
"Abbie, your really pretty." She blushed.
"Thanks Hazza."
"Seriously. Your stunning."
"Harry, I'm sorry but I'm with Louis."
"Maybe you just need to think of your choices though..."

Abbie's P.O.V

He started moving closer. "Harry!" I glared at him. "I don't need to consider my choices cause Louis is the one for me!"
"But what if I am!?"
"YOUR NOT! OK?" I got up, ran to Louis' room and slammed the door. Why did he say that!? Why did I feel something? No! I'm with Louis and I love him! That's final.

Harry's P.O.V

I felt so, so rejected. Why didn't she want me? I need to win hr. I don't care what it takes me. I will have her. I trotted to the room she was in. "Abbie?"
"Go away." The door was locked.
"Please Abbie. We need to talk!"
" No we don't! You just need to back off!"
"Abbie please can I just explain!"
"UGHH" she sighed and open the door.
"What is it then!" She slumped down on the bed and I followed her. "It's just- I really like you. I couldn't help myself! I didn't mean to come at you like that."
"I will forgive you this once but anymore funny buisness and I'm telling Louis."
"Thank you!!" I hugged her. WOOPS!!
"I-I-I'm sorry I-I didn't mean it like that...." She scoffed and laughed "Dont worry." I'm on the right track.....
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