I will never forget <3 1SHOT41D

Hi my names Abbie. I dont know how many girls could say that they were going out with Louis Tomlinson but I can.that was one week ill never forget. Until things got nasty


6. A cute little smile can ruin friendships

Still Louis' P.O.V




"R-r-really?" She said. Yes! As Soon as I met her I wanted her to be mine. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go.

"Abbie.  As Soon as I met you I wanted you to my self. You are beautiful.

"Louis' your the beautiful one!" She said with a smile. It was 12 and the boys were coming to meet Abbie.

"Umm Abb the boys are coming over soon, okay?"

"Thats fine, Oh and by the way, Im your girlfriend now." We laughed and shee kissed me on the cheek. I loved her so much. She walked to her room and got ready.

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