this is something I wrote for English class, with the help of my teacher:) I hope you like. I lived in Canada for 3 years so my English isnt too bad. I hope.


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Rested, hydrated and fueled, my body is a machine. Each practice begins in my mind, a promise to myself to work hard for my goals. My resolve carries me through the waves when my legs cramp from exhaustion and when my eyes are barely open at four in the morning. With this resolve, I tackle one problem each practice. Swimming in itself can be the simplest of motions, a pattern of strokes, breathing and turns. This simplicity clears my mind from all stresses and allows me to concentrate without worries for two hours each day. It teaches me that I continually underestimate myself, that I can endure and I will succeed. When race day comes and my muscles are taut with anxiety, mind filled with nervous excitement, heart pounding in my throat, I will just swim.

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