One Direction Imagines ;)

These are imagines. If only they were real, ah. Comment:
Hair color
Eye color
Skinny or not
Favorite boy. (:


3. Imagine #3 Zayn Malik


You were laying on the sidewalk, crying your eyes out, after seeing your boyfriend cheat on you. You were just so heartbroken, you couldn't move. You had 1 best friend, but he wasn't there for you, after he left for X-Factor UK. You still kept in contact. Your iPhone started buzzing.


You answer his call. He was happy, and so he said, "Where are you?" He was getting worried. You couldn't tell him, because your boyfriend just found you. "I have to go, I will see you later.." You forgot to hang up.

"You nasty little slutbag. Screwing around with your guy friends. Cheating on me I see?" He smirked in the low lighted area. You knew what was right, so you yelled. "Leave me alone Brenton! I hate you, your the filthy cheater here! Leave me alone, were over! Never talk to me again! I wish Zayn was here, because-" You were cut off by  deep british voice. "I'm here, go get in the car." It was Zayn. Your bestfriend. The other 4 guys followed Zayn and ended up killing Brenton. He had hurt you enough. You just hated that you trusted him for so long. Zayn jumps in, pulling you to the passanger seat.

"How did you find me?" You ask, unwilling to keep the silence.

"We tracked your phone, after hearing that man yell at you." The thick Irish accent rang. Niall.

Zayn leans in, teasing you. He finally crashes his lips on yours. You knew, you wanted to be more than bestfriends, and Zayn accepted.

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