One Direction Imagines ;)

These are imagines. If only they were real, ah. Comment:
Hair color
Eye color
Skinny or not
Favorite boy. (:


2. Imagine #2 Liam Payne (For my bestfriend!!)


You were chilling in England. Your bestfriend, Niall Horan, was bringing his band over. You were in love with their music, but kept calm. You wore a lime green flowy shirt, and white leggings. You threw on some black flip flops. You brushed your hair into a ponytail. You clipped in a White bow. You put a tad bit of foundation on. You soon washed it off. Before they got there of course. You jogged down the hall. You lived in a two story flat. It was beautiful.

You heard the doorbell ring. You looked out the window upstairs. It was Niall and his band. You quickly jog downstairs. You open the door, and step back. Niall wraps you in his arms. " I MISSED YOUUU!!!" He cheeses. You smile. Louis walks in, hugging me. "I missed you prankster." He smirks. He knew you were a better pranker than him. You had met all the boys before, but Zayn, Louis, and Niall, were taken. Perrie, Eleanor, and Amy. They were all cute together. You had a huge crush on Liam, and Niall took notice. "Rachell, can I talk to you?" He asks, gesturing for you to follow him. He guides you upstairs. "Do you like Liam?" You feel the heat in your cheeks, turning red. "I take that as a yes, well, he, umm, likes you too." Your face looked surprised. You jogged downstairs. Everybody looks at you, and start tweeting.

@zaynmalik1D: Chillin with the long time homie, @RayElaine1D , Her flat is buzzinnn.

@niallofficial: Hanging with my bestfriend, @RayElaine1D. Love her!

@Real_Liam_Payne: I think I'm moving on from Danielle. @RayElaine1D stole my heart. <3

That made you blush.

@Harry_Styles: Are you gonna hug me? @RayElaine1D

@Louis_Tomlinson: Loving the flat, @RayElaine1D

You grabbed your iPhone, and hugged Harry. Liam grabbed your hand and y'all sat on the couch. The boys left, going to get food. You knew they would be gone long. Liam made sure they were gone, and motioned for you to follow him. You did.

He led you to the room he was staying in. He locked the door, and blocked out the light. He pulled you to the bed, wrapping his arms around you. You knew you were ready, and he did too. He kissed you, tracing your bottom lip with his tongue. You find yourself tugging at the white shirt he was wearing. He pulls your shirt off, making sure not to hurt you, he loved you. He gets the shirt off you, exposing your lime green and black lace bra. He wasn't too big on being dirty. He unclipped your bra, and slipping your leggings off. You were getting a bit self concious at this point. He asks for permission, and you repky, "I'm ready."

You wake up the next morning, naked. You knew how good it felt to be with Liam, and you didn't wanna change that. He texted you.

~Rachell, your mine now. I love you babe. xox~

You smiled, took a shower and went on as Liam's girlfriend. <3


Rachell. Hope you liked it, because my hands hurt...  love you bbg.!

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