More Than Imagination

Just a little poem I wrote a long time ago. I kept it in my binder all these years and smile every time I read it. I decided to use it in the poetry competition. No hate, I was young. Everyday, I am finding new ways to improve it.


1. More Than Imagination : Edited Version

You are in my head everyday.

Etched into my mind.

You stole my heart.

I am trying to keep myself alive.

You keep me energized.

I am always hyper around you.

Smart and cute;

The most accurate words to describe you.

You are number one in my mind.

My most favorite person in the world.

My love is as pure as nature.

And you are the vacation picture.

Though, you are worth more than a thousand words.

I like you a whole lot.

You are my entire world.

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