Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


6. While moving to another place amber gets in a little fight!!!

Next day
Ambers Pov: Nialls alarm went off I got up changed my clothes and straightened my hair did my make up then Emily walked in and did her makeup and hair and got dressed I walked out to a smileing Niall and all the boys looking at me grinning accept Louis I said where's Louis they laughed then Louis scared me by picking me up and giving me to Niall and Niall put me down and kissed me on the check I said what was that for Emily walked out and sat with Liam ! Niall told me that we all got to pack up and go to the air port and go to Florida for a concert and he asked me if I wanted to go I jumped in his arms and said if course.......a little later we boared the airplane and landed we got off and everyone crowed us one girl walked up to me and pushed me and said get off Niall whore I put my stuff down and punched her she hit me right in the nose Niall tried to break it up but he couldn't I knocked that girl to the ground she swung and hit my chin I gave her a black eye then I got up picked up my stuff and said let's go! Nialls Pov: dang girl you beat her ass she said well she did insult me and told me to get off you and your my bf so not gonna happen" I said you got a good swing to the eye babe She hugged me then we all got in the limo with the boys and Emily talking about the fight and complimenting Amber!!!! Emily's Pov: amber you got her you strong girl! Ambers Pov: we got to the hotel and unpacked!!!.....
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