Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


9. Time to party with the boys!

Next day~
I woke up and got ready I walked with our with Emily and the boys were ready and said come on I said were we going Niall said to buy supplies for a party I ran up to him and said yes this is gonna be awesome so we rented a party house invited a lot if ppl and set up everything I went in the bathroom and put on a short blue beautiful dress Emily but on a pink one I walked out and Niall yelled here's my princess amber!!!!! I blushed and walked up to Niall and said and your my handsome prince he blushed and I said let's party!!!! So we danced and we took hilarious photos there was all kind of games like beer pong and flip the coin in the glass and some fights broke out but nothing happened the cops did show up once and told us to turn the noise down we got a pic of Louis chugging down carrots and of course Harry flirting with everyone and he had his shirt off it was funny Niall was laughing half of the time and I was walking up to ppl saying Vass happening and laughing like Niall bro! Nialls Pov:amber was funny she chugged some coke and started laughing and talking she was in sugar rush but she looked hot doing it then all sudden we woke up amber was passed out on the floor beside me her dress was half way up and all the boys were in the ground sleeping then it was so funny Emily was hanging off a table sleeping so we all got up and walked up to our hotel and showerd and got ready for the rest of the day.....................
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