Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


8. Sighing autographs with the boys

Next day
Ambers Pov: we had to get up at 9:00 so I got up at 8:00 to cook the boys breakfast Emily heard me in the kitchen and came to help we cooked rolls and bacon and some pancakes when we got done it was 8:45 so I went in the bathroom changed,straightend my hair and did my make up so do Emily I went to set out the plates! Niall walked in and said I smell something good I walked up to him and said good morning then he went over made his plate I handed him the syrup he said thank you!!! I smiled and said your welcome! Nialls Pov: I yelled to the boys to come wat they all ran in and screamed food amber said well eat then we got to leave at 11:00 to go to the book sighing Emily walked in and said I hope y'all like the breakfast me and amber cooked they all had there face full of food including me I was so hungry I had to plates! We all finished and got ready and got in our limo and arrived at the book sighing place and we ran in so we wouldn't get crowded I was holding ambers hand up make sure she gets in okay then we all sat down amber sat next to me and Emily sat next to Liam we all had markers and we were ready I yelled send em in now!!! Ambers Pov: one girl ran up to me and Niall and asked for our autograph I looked at Niall funny and just sighed it cuz I didn't thank anyone wanted my autograph! After a while sighing everyone started screaming a gun a gun run Niall picked me up and took off running so did Emily and the boys I was scared we got in the limo really fast and yelled Go!!! We got home it was all over the news and how Niall picked me up was also on the news so we all just changed into our pjs and went to bed with our room locked up good!!!!
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