Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


15. Rapist stepfather Visits!!!:'(

Next day~
Ambers Pov: I woke and got ready and then my phone rang I answered it! It was my stepfather he asked if he could come meet Niall and see me I said no then he yelled Ik where your at ill be there in a few then he hung up I got so scared cuz he raped me Alli and angel when we where littler I ran into the living room and said Alli, angel come here they said okay and came to the bedroom I told them he was coming I told him no be he still is they stared crying so I did to then I said the boys will not let him and he might have changed we just stayed in the room crying cuz we didn't want to tell!!! Nialls Pov: hey boys where the girls Louis said in y'all's bedroom amber called Alli and angel in there! Well let's go see what they up to so me Louis and zayn walked in and said why are y'all crying amber said becuz my stepfather is coming and he used to rape us when we where littler and we don't know if he has changed I said we'll then why say yes to him coming she said I didn't he said he knows where we are and is coming and where scared he might rape us I said we won't let him right boys? They agreed then the door rang I said I'll get it the girls got up and sat on the couch I answered the door he said is my daughters named amber,Alli and angel I said yes he walked in and talked to us the girls where shaking then he said girls go in a bedroom for a sec so they went then the stepdad shut the lights off we jumped up and he got us all and tied us up to a chair with duck tape over our mouth he brought the girls out and said get on that couch laying down they got on it crying he said shut the hell up before I go fast and hard they stopped I was trying my hardest to get out of them ropes so where the boys he pulled off ambers shorts and panties so I seem something I want suppost to see yet the boys trying to help them then the dad took off Alli and angels shorts and panties then I got free I slowly pulled off the duck tape and undid the boys we tackled the stepdad punching him they girls called the cops then put in there clothes the cops arrived and arrested him to go to prison for life becuz he had raped a girl last week and got away the girls locked there selfs in a our bedroom we all packed up and went to a different hotel and we made the girls fell better and went to bed!!!!
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