Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


5. Moving in with one direction!!!

We finally got there
Nialls Pov: we got to our hotel room me and Liam helped the girls with there bags!!! The girls got in there pjs on we all got on the couch with popcorn and whatching the movie crazy,stupied,love amber sat next me and Liam and Emily sat together and Louis and Harry kept teasing us about the girls!!! Liam's Pov:Emily was sitting by me and Harry she kept laughing at Harry becuz he was messing with Niall about food instead of whatching half the movie we were all picking on each other!!! Ambers Pov: wow I still can't belive I'm sitting here next to Niall eating and whatching a movie and I'm his girlfriend!!!this is perfect and we are all having fun cuz I told Louis to stop shouting out random things then he said no jimmy protested it was so funny!!! Louis Pov: wow Niall is so lucky cuz amber is pretty hot but hey I'll just be like a brother towards her since my mate has her!!! P.s I like throwing carrots at her and Niall!!! Emily's Pov: Louis is so funny makeing amber mad by throwing carrots around the room but I'm getting tired and Liam is laughing so hard it's funny!!! Harry's Pov: dang Emily and amber are hot!!!! The movie is over now so let's go to bed hey Niall,Liam the girls are gonna have to sleep with y'all there Anit no more rooms:p!!! Zayns Pov: hahaha no doing nothing boys or girls^.^ haha Ik y'all won't do anything night Emily and amber;)!!! Ambers Pov: Niall lets go to bed now but I hope that bed is big enough for the both of us then we got in bed Niall set his alarm for 10 am I said night night he said goodnight!!! Emily's Pov: me and Liam just went to bed its a little writes to be in the same bed but its fine so we all went to bed after Liam said night and I said goodnight!!!zzzzzz
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