Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


2. Meeting 1D backstage!

Ambers Pov: we where standing in line to meet them Emily couldn't stop smiling behind me but I couldn't ethier then it was our turn to meet them Niall looked at me and smiled so I smiled back he actually walked up to me and asked for my number I blushed and gave my number to him!!! Nialls Pov: she was so beautiful she had blonde hair and ocean blue eyes and the best personality she was the prettiest girl I've seen yet I couldn't wait for tommowor to come!!! so I could call her!!! Emily's Pov: amber!!!! Did Niall ask you for your number she grinned and shook her head then Liam walked up to me and said "can I have your number" I had the biggest smile ever and I said yes and gave it to him I was blushing!!! Liam's Pov: she was so pretty she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and the greatest smile she was perfect and her name was Emily I wanted to start texting her right then since her and her friend already left! Nialls Pov: Liam that girl amber is so pretty she's just perfect to me and she's got a great personality I wish I could just walk up to her and hug her!!! Liam's Pov: how about tommowor we ask to go on a double date cuz I got her friend Emily's number she's very beautiful and everything about her!!!! Nialls Pov: sure that sounds great but I'm already nervous! Ambers Pov: I can't wait intill Nialler calls me this is so great lad I can't belive they have our numbers! Emily's Pov: Ikr I'm gonna go to bed so tommowor will come faster I just can't wait!!!!
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