Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


1. Going to meet one direction!

Ambers Pov: Omg I can't belive I'm about to go to a one direction concert with my bestie backstage and VIP this is like the best day ever!!! Emily's Pov: Ikr this is gonna be awesome and plus we all know I have the biggest crush on Liam I hope he likes me Probley not because there's so much beautiful directioners out there ill just be that ugly one. Ambers Pov: Emily he will love you and your not ugly at all your way prettier than me so your lucky lol but I so want Nialler to like me I got a big crush on him to you know I just want him to at least like me a little bit! Emily's Pov: Amber he will like you don't worry and we need to leave in like 10 min. To get to the covert early lets go! Ambers Pov: Okay I'll drive and thanks I can't wait to get there but we are so gonna be late well not to late here let's get our phones and get chargers to charge our phones on the way there so we can get pics with them and a lot of other stuff!!! 2hours later..............
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