Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


7. Going to a private beach!!!

After unpacking
Nialls Pov: let's go to the beach boys! Hey amber get ready where going to the beach she yelled okay then she walked out the bathroom in a white bikini it looked really good on her I went and got on my swimming trunks she put some clothes over her bikini Emily and the boys where ready so we all got in the cab and dropped us off at the beach we walked out there it was getting dark!!! Amber and Emily layed out there towls then ambers said me and Niall are gonna take a walk together then we started walking and talking then we stopped the sun was setting over the sea and we kissed then we sat down where the water would wash over our legs then we layed down holding hands all sudden the boys and Emily walked up and started singing Niall and amber sitting In a tree amber said very mature guys!!! Emily's Pov: y'all lets go its dark and can barly see the Liam said dint worry ill protect you I just laughed I said okay superman Niall and amber got up and we walked Bakk to the limo and dropped us off at the hotel!!! Ambers Pov: I got in the shower and got out and got Bakk into my pjs and brushed my hair and walked out Niall said hey gorgeous I laughed and said get in the shower handsome he grinned and went in the bathroom and toke a shower and the boys and Emily did to!! Then Niall walked up to me and said lets got bed beautiful I grinned and said okay we got in bed wrapped around each other and fell asleep! Emily's Pov: let's go to bed Liam I'm tired Liam said okay gorgeous we got in bed snuggled up and fell asleep!!!
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