Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


3. Getting that call!!!

The next day!!!!

Ambers Pov: I can't wait intill they call but what if they don't what if they do that to everybody I'm just gonna stay by my phone all day!!! Emily's Pov: now you got me worried but I'm just gonna do the same! Nialls Pov: LIAM lets call the girls where gonna take them to nandos cuz I'm starving
(Calls amber) hi is this amber she said yes I asked her if she would go on a double date with me and Liam with her and Emily she said yes we will be ready at 8 pm she told me the address and I got ready and told Liam I was so exicted!!!! Liam's Pov: Emily this is Liam wil you come on a date with me to nandos with Niall and amber she screamed yes I'll be ready then I said okay bye and I was practilly about to scream yes!!!!!! Ambers Pov: omg I can't belive this!!! This awesome then Emily came in screaming me and Liam ate going on a date with you and Niall omg I was like I know this is great so we curled our hair put on beautiful dresses did our makeup and put on beautiful high heels then the door bell ringed I screamed there here and answered the door and Niall said you look beautiful I said thank you your very handsome your self Emily came over to the door and Liam looked at her and said your beautiful she blushed and said thank you Nialls Pov: she was gorgeous she was perfect I felt like I already knew her!!! Liam's Pov: she was beautiful all dressed up and I said let's go!!!
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