Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


17. Dodging a bullet(literally)!?!

Next day~
Ambers pov: I woke up late and got ready for tha day I woke up Nialler he got up the boys and girls where already up so we loaded up in the limo and grabbed a bite then went shopping at the mall we had just left hot topic when we saw the sky jump whitch it a trampoline that bounces you up high while your strapped up on a bungee cord me and Niall looked at each other went up to them and payed I got strapped up then Niall did right beside me we where first and Louis was recording us we got lifted up and we started jumping I did a backflip and everyone started cheering I kept doing those and Niall tryed he made his first one then our time was up then Louis and Alli went then Emily and Liam then angel and zayn then Harry and Haille they had fun doing front flips and back flips so we walked out the mall ready to leave with all our bags of stuff!! Nialls Pov: so we where walking then a gun shoot was fired it went right next to amber I picked amber up and started running then they fired right by Louis all of started running then a bullet hit the ground right in front of me and amber it made dirt fly up at us then I turned and jumped in the limo all the boys jumped in then girls came running with the boys they shoot out our back windshield and glass cut us up on our arms and legs we screamed while the limo driver hit the gas and we hit the ground of the limo I held amber the Peaple where following us then Liam called the police and identified who we where and someone with a gun was chasing us the police pulled out behind the car chasing us shooting they arrested him and brought us done to the police station to here what happened then we went back to the hotel scared as heck we closed the windows locked the door up real good then watched a movie called paranormal activity I held ambers hand as she sat in my lap to make room for all of us a little ehe after we went to bed!!!!zzzzzzz
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