Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


13. Coming out of the coma!!!

10 days later~
Ambers Pov: I woke up and said what happened Niall jumped up and ran and said get the doc she's awake he kissed me I said am I in a hospital then I remembered everything I said I got hit by a car while in a fight all becuz of a stupied text I ripped all the cords off of me and jumped on Niall be smiled and said I was so worried the boys and Emily,Alli,Haille and angel where talking to me all at once of how it was on the news and a lot of Peaple sent cards and balloons a lot of things I changed and brushed my teeth and we all went home I was done being In a hospital! Nialls Pov: I was so glad amber was awake and okay I just kept kissing her becuz I figured out I can't lose her or I will go completely crazy I barly made it thro those long 10 days I'm just glad that nightmare is over then I was thinking is amber gonna be mrs.horan I just said okay ill think about this when its time we all went down to the swimming area and swam not to mention how great amber looked she was a lil bruised and scraped up but she'll be fine we all had fun splashing the water at each other Louis picked up Alli and walked around with her on his shoulders then the pool closed do we took showers and got in our warm bed and talked about how much I wanted amber to wake up and not stay in a coma longer she just laughed and said ill be more careful about fighting near roads we snuggled up and fell asleep!!!.............
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