Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


16. Ambers birthday is here!!!

2 months from January~
Ambers Pov: I woke up and it is march 22 my birthday I got up curled my hair did my makeup really pretty out on cute clothes then my phone kept vibrating from Peaple texting happy birthday I was so happy then I got a text from Niall that's said happy birthday babe love you I can't belive your 23 now:-* I walked in the living room and jumped on Nialls lap and Said boys get in comfortable jeans where going somewhere to do something they got ready we loaded the truck and I drove us to To a place where my aunt lives we got out and we had horses ready we got on whitch Niall has only ride once so he was new we ran them and we went out in the Weiss and back so we got off we rode back to the Hotel to change then went to a Restaurant and ate then we went out to a club called karma and partied half the night me and Niall danced the whole time together laughing then the boys sang a song dedicated to me called summer love I loved it then we danced the wobble and the wop after that we went to a mud park and partied there and had fights for fun in the mud everyone was covers in mud and we played around there and grabbed something to eat then went back to the mud park and rode all around and got stick in mud then we washed off in a hot tub at a random hotel and I trouble by security and we ran to karma again and danced like we never have before then we went to the hotel are fell asleep!!!
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