Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


11. Amber&emilys old friends come to town!!!

Next day~
Emily's Pov: I woke up then all a sudden my phone rings I answerd it and it was Haille,Alli and angel they asked if they could come see us so I told the story about how amber was dating Niall and I was dating Liam and they freaked out and said give me the Hoyle name and where it's at So I said on Paris at the Victorian hotel they said cool Ik where that is and where in Paris so ill be there in 30 minutes and what room number I said room 322 then we hung up I screamed and told everyone amber screamed my sisters and my friend our coming ambers pov: Niall said wait who's your sisters I said Alli and angel he said dang they prob look like you I said yup we do they got here and ran up to them and gave them all a hug then they said holy shit that's one direction woah bro I said yea and there's three boys left that are single wink wink Harry said Haille your gorgeous I said dang just say it Harry you just met her she blushed and said thanks we all got some popcorn that night and started to whatch a movie Nialls Pov: well I was snuggled up close to amber I looked over and Louis and Alli were snuggled together then right beside me was angel and zayn and Haille and Harry and Emily and Liam I was said this is perfect boys we all got beautiful gfs with us they smiled and said how did you know we're going out the boys were laughing and Niall said back to Alli and said y'all are snuggled up so we then we went to bed amber snuggled against me and the boys now have girls this is great then we fell asleep!!!
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