Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


10. Amber and Nialls date night!

About 7:00 pm~
Nialls Pov: well me and amber has been going out for awhile and we never even had a romantic date by our selfs since we first meet so I'm gonna ask her on a date to somewhere romantic like nandos I walked in the living room and amber and emily and the boys where sitting on the couch I walked up to amber and said hey do you want to go on a date tonight she jumped in my arms and said yes this is gonna be great I said be ready at 8:00 ill be waiting outside so she went and got all pretty honestly I think she's beautiful with out make up I heard her grabbing her things and I ran outside I looked pretty good and I had a bunch of stripped roses in my hand I knocked she said coming she opened the door she looked surprised I said here's your flowers she took them and said thee pretty and I grabbed her hand and said the limo is waiting we got in there and waited silently till we got there and I jumped out and ran to my side of the limo and opened the door she got out and laughed we walked in say down and ordered she said so what's this all for I rly didn't expect this I said well isn't great she laughed and said of course so we ate and got up and left we went and sat by a park and we could see the ifle tower cuz we were in Paris we just kissed for like 2 minutes after that we got up and held hands and walked to the hotel we got there and went straight to our room and just took pics together wrote cute things on each otheres phones after that we all went to bed!!! Ambers Pov: it was the best night I've ever had with Niall it was so romantic I couldn't sleep well after a while I went to sleep lol
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