Finding love!

2 girls named amber and Emily are gonna meet one direction and maybe find love and one direction might find love to or it could be just another heartbreak!!


12. Amber and Nialls argument and amber might even get in another fight???!!

Next day~
Nialls Pov: I said hey amber can I see your phone I wanna see our pics she said sure give me your phone so I was looking through the pics and she grabs her phone and Sid how could you cheat on me with this whore I screamed I'm not cheating and who she said all theses messages from this girl named Ellie I said no she's my ex I do t even like her anymore she's was a rude little brat I swear she said you just straight up lied to me Niall how could you I mean why I screamed I'm not cheating in you I couldn't cheat on you she ran outside and it wa raining I didn't know what to do!!! Ambers Pov: I can't belive him then i slipped and fell in the wet concrete I was bleeding but I just layed there thinking am I not good enough I was hurting bad in every way emontinaly and physicaly not to mention my knee was still bleeding and the rain was just pouring down hard on to my face then Niall ran out and walked up to me and sat down I said what do you want he said for you to call Ellie and ask cuz I swear I wouldn't cheat I said your phone will get wet Louis brought an umbrella I called her she said hey Niall baby I said this isn't Niall this is his gf are you dating or cheating with me you and Niall she said no and hung up I apologized to Niall and hugged him tightly sitting outside in the rain and this girl walked up to us and said how dare you scream t Niall and kicked me on my stomach I got up and punched her so hard it knocked out a tooth she looked at me then slapped me and we had each others arms and she pushed me in the road she tested to push me in front of a car by myself but I drug her with me I looked over and this car hit us! Nialls Pov: he picked amber up and was shaking her and screaming her name she was in a coma the ambulance arrived they took her to the hospital and we followed and sat out in the waiting room for two days the doc said she was in a coma!!!!
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