Meeting You Again

Niall Horan has spent the last 11 years trying to find his sister, Aiden. She was last seen at the park with Niall when he was 8 and she was 6. A man came out of the woods and grabbed her, Niall tried to help but the man was too strong. He then ran back to his house and told his parents. It was tragic. Niall never stopped blaming himself for it though. Day after day, not being able to go more than 2 seconds without thinking about her. No one knew if she was alive or not. They all actually assumed she was dead. But was she? When One Direction gets a new photographer, Niall finds himself face to face with the thing he's had on his mind forever. But will he say something about it? Or will they share a smile and walk away, like nothing ever happened? Or will she fall in love with one of her brothers band mates? And how will this make Niall feel? Want to know? Read on directioners!


1. New Photographer

  Niall's P.O.V

       Today was just like any other. An endless war that cannot be won. God, if only I had asked Greg to come with us to the park this wouldn't have happened. I slowly sat up and crawled out of bed. Today we were getting a new photographer and it was a girl. All the boys were excited about it but I didn't care. Today was supposed to have been Aiden's birthday. She would have been 17 today. Thinking about her made me want to die. Just so I could be in heaven with her. It was 6:30 am and we had to spend the whole day in the studio, with the photographer so she could take pictures of us for the next album and for the magazines, and books and all sorts of things like that. I walked into the bathroom and threw some cold water on my face, today was gonna be a long day.


     I walked in the studio with the boys. We made our normal way, down the hall, past the restroom and snack room, to the managers office to check in. This felt like a real job, but I guess it was. "Welcome boys!", they all said in unison. The other boys shook their hands and small talked with them but I just walked to the back of the room and checked myself in. I was in no mood to smile, record, or do anything at all. The boys finally joined me. They checked themselves in and we walked into the meeting room.

   In the meeting room, there are always just enough chairs for everyone to sit but today there was one more. For the photographer. "Okay, okay, boys sit sit!", I heard Abby, one of the board members who held the meetings for 1D. We all sat down and 10 other people joined us. "Boys, we would like to announce our new photographer, Aiden Blake!", she said happily as a girl of about 16 or 17 walked in the room. She only looked a short 5'4 in a half maybe. Kinda,dark, reddish, orange, hair hung a few inches below her shoulders. Her blue eyes captured my daze. They reminded me of my own only they also reminded me of Aiden. My Aiden. 

    "Well we'll leave you to get to know each other", said Abby as she signaled for the others to leave as well. Once they were all gone, Aiden looked at us scared. "Something wrong love?", Louis asked. "No I'm fine", she said in her irish accent. But it wasn't just any accent it was Aiden's accent. "Oh you're irish too?", Harry said interested. "Yeah", she said, quietly. I noticed something familiar about her. It was her way of talking, not the accent, but something more. Just the way she was. "Oh well Niall's irish too", Harry said and smiled at me. Aiden looked at me, she seemed to be hung on one of the words Harry had just said. Almost like she didn't hear him quite correctly. '"Niall?", she said as she looked at me, eyes squinting, searching my face. "Yeah?", I said a bit confused. "You look so familiar, and your name, it reminds me, almost of someone i used to know", she said suddenly as she looked down. "That's weird, because you actually remind me of someone I used to know, my little sister", I said suddenly. "Yeah I had a brother, or at least I think I did, but he had brown hair", Aiden stated quietly. "I have naturally brown hair", I said as we both looked into the mirror hanging on the wall. Our reflections stared back at us. What I saw shocked me. We looked alike. Suddenly we both turned towards each other. At the exact same time we both stated each others full names. I had said "Aiden Kiandra Horan" and she had said "Niall James Horan". Then we hugged. "Wait, so this whole time my brother has been a member of One Direction and I didn't know it?", she said excitedly. "Yep and this whole time we thought you were dead, we have to call mom and dad and Greg!", I beemed. All the boys just stared at us weirded out. We both just laughed and continued talking about family.


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