Finding the love of your life!

2 girls named Emily and amber and some meet one direction!!!and next you know does the boys find love or just another heartbreak!this story will be so romantic with a little love hate!;)


1. Meeting one direction!

Ambers Pov:
Omg me and Emily are finally gonna meet one direction! This is like the best day ever!
Emily's Pov:
Wow this is great I can not belive this I have the biggest crush on Liam I just hope he likes me! I got so much to Worry about first is there's so much beautiful directioners out there and why would he pick me!!! Ambers Pov: Emily calm down he will like you if not he don't know what he's missing out on but I got a lot more worries like what if Niall or the whole band hated me when we go backstage omg I don't know what to think or do but I'll try to get Nialls attention at least! Emily's Pov: Amber don't worry lets just start getting ready we have to leave by 3:00 to get in the concert at 7:00 there's so much ppl gonna be there we might get trapled!!! Ambers Pov:I hope we don't get trapled but ill drive us there but we need to hurry its 2;45 so let's go! 2 hours later...........
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