last first kiss

woo hoo gotta love 1D


1. i love...

hey so i'm kate. i love one direction and people but know its time for  my story. 


i came back home from school. I'm so tired because i woke up so early. i got on my movellas account and saw an ad. i was so exited because the ad said win a trip to see one direction on valentines day. i got up and looked around think omgizzles. so i decided to enter and wrote my story. ohh i was so happy. a few days later i got an email from movellas. i opened it and found out i won. i was so freaking flabergasted. i picked up my phone and texted my bff kaitlyn. i told her she could come so she did. a fewish days later we were leaving to go we were so happy. we finally got to the place and there was liam and harry waiting at the table we just went and sat down from across them then me and harry started talking together.


"so you must be kate" harry started 

"yup" i replied like a 5 year old

''so....'' he said 

i just sat there staring at him. i didn't know what to say


    10 minutes later...


they decided to take us to a place. me and kaitlyn didn't know where we were going. so we finally came up to the spot they wanted to take us. it was the beach. me and kaitlyn just sat on the sand. harry sat to my left and we stared at the sunset. 


"i had a fun day'' harry whispered 

"me too" i said back we turned to look at each other and accidently kissed. 

"can i tell you something" i asked him 

"sure" he said 

"i love you" i whispered 

"i love you too" he whispered back 

so that's my story i hope yours goes just as well

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