Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


13. Whats it Time For?

I spent months Texting,calling,Video chating,And seeing Niall ocatonally. MY stomach was huge! I was inear the end of my 8th month. Niall was done with his tour. I finally had Him with me. We went back to our own home. We set up the babys room with all the stuff we had. Niall set up the crib. I did the decorating. We went in for our last check up we where gonna find out the sex of the baby. We where led to the back room. I was hooked up to the monator that I knew all to well. We heard the Babys Heart beat once again. "DO you want to know the gender?" the doctor asked. "Yes please" Niall said. "Ok Well congradulations your having a Girl!" She said. I started to cry. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to name my baby Ashley. We left the doctors office. I wadled along like a duck. My stomach was huge. Niall was rubbing it more everyday. I loked the feeling of when he touched my stomach. When the baby first kicked I told Niall. He rushed over too me and held my belly he was really carful with it, like it was glass. As he felt the baby kick he looked up to me and smiled. Everytime she did after that he did the same thing. Niall and I went to bed. I had a dream about Niall,the baby,and I. When I woke up i didnt feel right. I didnt know why but I didnt. Niall woke up and had to help me up so i could go puke my brains out once more. I spent and Hour in there Niall held my hair for me. When I was done The Boys came over. The brought food over. I pigged out. They spent the night at our house. They all helped me when I needed it. I was sitting in the most comfotable position that I could. When I was completly comfotable I fell asleep. I woke up Suddenly at around 4 in the morning. MY water broke. It felt like I had just wet myself. The boys where all asleep around me. Louis was the closest to me. "Louis!" I shoock him and screamed. He woke up. "What?" "Get Niall wake the rest of the boys up. we have to go to the hospitial NOW!" I said. He got up quickly and Woke Niall first. Niall Helped me up. He gave the rest of the boys orders like gte the bags and open the door. He was trying to get me to the car everyone got in and Niall was with me in the back. Louis drove franticly. The contractions started. They hurt like hell. "Niall it hurts!" I yelled several times. He coached me. "Its ok Hannah just and out." Niall and Harry who was to my left felt every pain I did. I didnt mean to hit Harry that hard but I did. "gezz Hannah I know you hurt but Why do I have to feel it. Thats Nialls Job." He laughed. I wanted to Laugh but the pain was to bad. When we finally reached the hospitial Niall told Zayn  and Liam to check us in. The contractions got worse and worse. We went to the back room and they checked how far along I was. "Your 10 centimeters.Lets bring you back and have a baby." The doctor said. They didnt give me any medicine. It was painfull but woth it. When the baby finally came and that first cry. I was happy. The pain didnt matter anymore. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. "She is beautiful!" Niall said. I was holding her. I was crying. She had her fathers eyes. "She is." I agreed. I handed her to Niall. They took her into the back room and cleaned her up. They handed her to Niall when they where done. I fell asleep. I was exosted. Niall held the baby for a long time after that. He couldnt get enough. When he go hungry he finally put her down. Niall had a look in his eye, It was diffrent. It was nice. Niall always had this look but never did it look like this. 

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