Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


10. Were Telling People!

I went down stairs to the lobby. I looked out the window. I wanted them to go away. I felt like he loved them more. I knew it wasnt true but I was jelouse, i was jelouse of the prettier girls outside. Liam came and stood beside me. "He was just worried about you. You and the baby. He loves you. Ive never seen him this happy with anyone else." He said. "I have. Your fans. I feel like he loves them more. He acted like he wasnt mad till they couldnt see. He didnt even get mad at the girl who kissed him." I said. "Trust me Hannah, He is mad. Go look upstairs on Twitter." I looked at Liam. "Liam I hope your right." I say walking away. I went upstairs and got onto my computer. I saw Niall had posted on Twitter that he was disappointed in his fans that he loved me very much. He wished hadnt hurt my feelings. Niall walked into the room. "Hey Hannah.Are you OK?" He asked. "Yea. Im fine. And im sorry that I was so mad at her. I shouldnt have risked the babys life just to get even with her." I said. "Babe I understand. Im sorry I yelled at you. I love you. I love you more than anything. I would give all this up for you." He said. "Niall I dont want you to I just hate when you go on tour and you like blow me off. Im really jelouse of them. I want my husband back. Not the tour husband. I want the husband I have back home. The one that will get up at 3 to get me food. I want you. The real you. They dont know you like i know you." I said. Niall looked me in my eyes. "Babe. Im gonna try harder I promise." He says. I smile. We went down stairs to meet the fans.we walked outside and Niall yelled out "Can i get it quiet out here?!" The whole lot was almost quiet. "Ok well most of you already know by Twitter or the Internet. Hannah got into a fight today with a fan. The fan had kissed me. She got mad. Well there is a reason why Paul and I stopped them. If you are going to the concert tonight you will find out why. Ill make sure we post a video on Twitter. Its a surprise for all the fans." He says. I didnt know why he didnt just tell them then. He was confusing like that. We walked back in to the hotel to get ready for the concert. I wore a nice Purple shirt that looked really good on me. I also wore white pants, and my DC shoes. I didnt care what i looked like. I was diffrent I wore what was comfortable. Niall and the boys wore their suits for the begining show. We went to the concert together. We where an hour earlier than the fans. Niall and the boys practiced. Elonour,Daniele and Perrie where there. They all had presents which was odd. Louis took them and put them some place. I thought that it was just presents from the fans. "OK babe the doors open in five minuets. When they do BTR is gonna do a couple songs. Then we are going to do our thing for about a half hour. Then we will come back to change. This will happen three maybe four times then if we have time after that we are gonna anounce the baby. Then we have one more act to do. Then me and you get to sleep." I noded. The doors had opened and girls where Taking there seats. I was nervous I hadnt ever been on the stage in frount of the fans before. I imagined them booing then throwing tomatoes at me like they do in the old movies. After about an hour they started the show. I heard the intercome say to the fans. "Welcome Big time Rush!" Everyone clapped and cheered. They played several songs. When they where done they talked to the girls for a few minuets. Then before the boys came on there was a five minuet brake. "Ok babe. I love you. Ill see you in a little while. If you want you and the other girls can hang out in the dressing room." He says. "Ok Thanks I love you too. Now go have some fun." I say. Niall walked to the boys smiling. They all where waiting for there cew to go on. "Now the boys we all love... One Direction!" It was really loud.Me and the girls went to the dressing room. we talked about the baby, the boys, and us. Even though I was a few years younger we all got along very well. They all where like big sisters to me. While we where talking my phone buzzed. It was chelo. "Hello" "HEY! I heard you got in a cat fight!" "Yea!" "Well are you ok?" "Yes im fine." "Good so what did she do to make you so mad?" "she kissed Niall." "OH MY GOSH! Well I hope you taught her something!" "I left with nothing I broke her nose. I actually feel bad." "Why she started it." "Yea but she was Nialls fan. I shouldnt have done that. Ok chelo Ill have to call you later bye my bffl!" "Bye Hannah! Have fun!" then we hung up. The boy's first act was ending. Niall walked in. he was rushing. "Hannah change of plans we are gonna tell them now. You will just have to come on stage with me." He said. I noded. They boys where changed. we all walked on the stage. veryone exept the girls. "Hey everyone!" Liam said. "Niall and Hannah would like to tell you something." Louis says. "But first! El, Daniele,and Perrie get out here!" Harry says. They girls walked in the stage with lots of bags even the ones they had before the show started. I was confused. "Ok everyone!" Niall said. "Hannah and I would like to tell you something" He adds.He handed me the mic. "Umm Hey guys. Forgve me im kinda nervous. Ok Niall and I are gonna have a baby!!" I said. everyone cheered. "We have something for you and Niall. Niall already knew we where doing this,but he doesnt know what we got you guys." Zayn says. El handed me a bag. Niall and I sat on the couch. We opened the bag. It was a green stuffed bear,and baby blanket,and a few binkys. "Oh thanks you guys!" I said. "we only have time for one more Hannah" Niall wisperd to me. "Ok" I handed Niall the bag. In it was some decorations for the babys room. "Thanks guys we will open the rest of these later we promise!" I say.Niall grabs the mic "Ok guys I have a song that i made for Hannah. I made this before we found out about the baby." He grabs a gutair and a mic. stand. He started to sing. Not to the crowd but to me.I started to cry. The song was so beautiful. It was about us,Our story. It was about how we met and got married.It was beautiful. The boys started to sing in the backround. When the song ended Niall added. "Hannah you are mine now and forever. I love you." I walked over to him and hugged Him. I was still crying. He hugged me tighter than I hugged him. "I love you too." I said. The boys and the people of the crowd clapped for us. Niall and I walked off stage together. "We will be back in two." Louis says. They all met us back stage. Niall and I where hugging. I wasnt jelouse of the girls anymore. I had Nialls full love. He would give up everything to be with me.

When the breack was over the boys did five more acts. It was around two in the morning when we finally left. We had to drive twelve hours the the next place we where gonna be. I was happy that in a few weeks we would be in the USA where I grew up and met Niall. I fell asleep with my head on Nialls shoulder. We where driving to Dubblin. We where gonna go to mungliar while we where ther to visit Nialls Mother and Father.I had a bad dream that night. I was running through the woods when i feel and then somone whos face i couldnt see came at me with a knife. Niall had saved me then he was killed. Stabbed with the knife. He couldnt protect me anymore. The knife was coming at me. Then i got stabbed. I had died in the dream. That was when Niall and the boys woke me up.

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