Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


5. Tour Dates

I woke up and took a shower. Niall was already making breakfast. I got out and go ready. Today was my last day in college. I walked into the kitchen "Hey babe." Niall said. "Hey" i say. The food was on the table. "Babe today is my last day of college. Ill be home early. Will you be home or at the studio?" I ask. "Studio. We are talking about tour dates today." i could hear pain in Nialls voice I look over to see him crying. "Niall? are you OK?" i ask. "No. I wanted that baby to go with us. I wanted to show my fans our baby,How happy we are, and I wanted my baby to know they love her too." I was upset as well. "babe we can try again. Maybe this was for the best. A baby couldn't go on a world tour. And i couldn't leave the country." I say. I had tears in my eyes. "Babe when we try again. I know we will get our baby. It will be beautiful just like her mom or Handsom like his dad." Niall says I had to drive Niall to the studio because he was crying to much. The only thing that kept me from crying was me having to drive. We drove into the parking lot. while Niall was getting out i said, "Niall I love you. Try to have a good day." he looks back and smiles. I smile back. "I love you too." he says. When he walked to the door I saw him wipe his eye. I felt like i had to be strong because I knew that I might not be ready to be a Mother. But I was in pain I was depressed. I loved that baby even though i only knew I was pregnant for a week or two. I drove to class, I wouldnt let the tears roll down my face. I walked to class alone. Chelo was already in class. "Hannah are you OK? We heared out the baby.  We are so sorry." she says. "Guys im fine. Its been hard but i have Niall and I have you guys and The boys to help us though it." i smile and take my seat. "Hey everyone. This is the last day we will be together before the graduation. You all did it! im so proud of you!" My teacher says. She smiles at me with caring eyes. I smile back then look away. Matt was looking at me too. Everyone was. "GUYS!! Im OK I promise!" I lied. "OK pick up your graduation gowns on your way out. everyone have a good day, your dismissed." we all got up and got our last grade cards and our gowns."Hannah are you sure your OK?" She asks. "Yea." i say then i walk out of her room. I got into my car and drove. When i got to the studio and walked into the room Niall and the boys where singing. The song was beautiful. It had the perfect pitch and beat to it. Niall waved to me. He was the first to notice me. When the boys saw me they smiled and waved. I waved back and blew a kiss to Niall. He motioned the caught it sign. I giggled, even though I got hushed by the DJ guy. I was happy i was there i wasn't sad about the baby. Even though I didn't have that one baby, i was happy.

The boys walked out of the little recording room "Hey Hannah. Were glad your here. Niall wouldn't stop talking baout you!" Louis says. "Well she is my wife i can do that or is it aginst the law?!" we all laugh. "Why dont we go out for dinner? it would be fun. NO! we should go to the fair!!" I said. Since I wasn't pregnant i shouldn't be all moppy all the time. I should be able to have a little fun and not cry. Plus i needed something to get my Mind off of it. I knew that Niall did too. "yea sound good. How about you guys?" Harry says. Everyone agreed. We all got into our cars and drove to the fair. It was beside the beach So it was really pretty. "Are you sure this is OK?" Niall asks. "We need to get happy. and I want to have fun. We need something to get it off our minds." I say. "I see." Niall said. I looked at him and saw a little smile on his face. I reached over and held his hand. He looked over and smiled. I smiled back.

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